• DOTS Gloves Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. Here on the east coast, the weather is getting mighty chilly. So you know what that means? It's time to bundle it up people. But for us cellphone users, that means we have to suffer a bit, because when the phone starts to ring, the gloves come off and the chill sets in. Well most of us still have to suffer, but you iPhone and iTouch peeps don't have to feel the brunt of it. The folks at DOTS have come up with an ingenious idea that makes it so that you don't freeze your fingers off while scrolling through your apps. And that product is, DOTS Gloves.

DOTS Gloves takes the idea of taking a standard pair of gloves and adding an additional DOT to the three fingers people use most when scrolling through their touchscreen smartphone; the pointy, middle and thumb. This makes it so you can continue to use your iPhone with ease while you're out persevering the cold. TOV was given two sets of DOTS gloves to try, the first is the D200, which was the more "manly" pair, with a great nylon outside and a warm and very comfortable fleece lining inside. And the second is the D110, which I would say is more for the ladies (not hatin), which is made from acrylic yarn with InTouch fingertips to replace the DOTS.

For this review, I brought in my main man "Big Lou" to assist since I don't own an i-anything, which actually made doing this review a blast.

DOTS Gloves

The Bang:

Though a bit feminine, Big Lou slipped on the D110s and went to sliding his finger across the screen and – Success! The gloves worked perfectly with no stalling when switching between apps and pictures. Big Lou states that it's because the gloves hug the fingers making it easier to maneuver the screen.

The Slack:

Unfortunately the D200, while they look and feel fantastic, didn't fare too well in the Big Lou test. The placement of the DOTS in conjunction with the finger tips didn't work too well. According to Lou, the tips of the gloves don't form around the fingers, making the tips loose and the DOTS don't hit the screen properly.

DOTS Gloves

I highly recommend you iPhone, iTouch, and touchscreen users to definitely look into and invest in a pair of DOTS gloves for the winter months. If anything the D110 look, feel, and works wonderfully well, while the D200 has great style and may or may not be of use to you. So out of TOV 5 stars, I'll give the D110 a whooping 5 and the D200 a 3 for style and some functionality. And DOTS Gloves have been Valkor, Big Lou tested and TOV Approved.