MultiSonus EarBombz H-Bombz Headphones Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. Last round in TechView, the folks at EarBombz dropped the "bomb" in a big way with the EB Pro Series, scoring an explosive 4.5 out of 5 stars. Now they're back with another pair of headsets in an attempt to achieve gold status once again. This time around it's the H-Bombz making the scene… but can they make the grade? Let's find out.

EarBombz H-Bombz

The H-Bombz looks similar yet separates itself from its big brother by having a stubbier, rounder frame completing the package with its unique design – angular earplugs, which appear to have a more solid hold in the canal over the EB Pros. The set comes with silicone buds, much like the Pros, which come in three sizes, a silicone thin rounded cord, plus a very discreet single button microphone – seriously I didn't even realize it was there. Finally the H-Bombz package is completed with a tin carrying case; though I'm not one for using them, I think I should start ending my tangling of multiple cords issue.

Before we get into the breakdown, let's do a little versus, competing the H-Bombz against its bigger brother plus V-Moda Vibrato and Skullcandy FIX.

EarBombz H-Bombz

Vs. EB Pro Series – Big brother indeed, the EB Pros soars high above the H-Bombz with the greatest of ease. That's not to say the H-Bombz aren't any good because the quality you get for the price you pay is exceptional. But if you want superb quality, go that extra dollar and pick up the EB Pros instead.

Vs. Vibrato – Now if the H-Bombz couldn't stand a chance against the EB Pros, it definitely can't go toe to toe with the Vibratos – not by a long shot.

Vs. Skullcandy FIX – However, the H-Bombz walks all over the FIX; they handle the bass better, sounding less muffled.

EarBombz H-Bombz

So two out of three on the versus scale, while not great, doesn't mean the H-Bombz are a bust. Sure they don't hold well against high-end earplugs, but what you wanna know is: can they stand on their own merits? And to get that answer, we're gonna need the TOV Breakdown.

The Bang:

The H-Bombz has a few things going for it with the first being sound quality – It's pretty amazing; the bass is quite decent and the clarity in the vocals versus background is pretty sweet and well balanced. Next is the noise isolation, which is definitely on par with the EB Pros, instantly drowning out all that frustrating outside noise. Finally, I gotta give it up to the design; the angular fit of the earplugs work well and really holds in place during simplest of tugs on the cord. While not the best headphones I've com across, the H-Bombs are solid and a great addition in the EarBombz lineup.

EarBombz H-Bombz

The Slack:

Right off the jump, while audio quality is nice, it's a bit too sharp especially at higher volumes. Plus the quality starts to degrade, the bass begins to grate, and everything sorta meshes together. Now, one could argue that you should keep the volume to a minimum to protect your ears, but that's a hard to do when your favorite song is playing.

EarBombz H-Bombz

Overall, I'd give EarBombz H-Bombz a pass for two reasons 1) sound quality is nice and 2) the price – 40 bucks for sound quality this good? That's a pretty good deal. Plus they fit just right and the noise isolation makes it worth the cost, especially if you're always on the go. So, out of TOV 5 stars, I'm giving the H-Bombz a 3.5. And they've been Valkor tested, TOV Approved.

EarBombz H-Bombz


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