End Game DVD Review

Epic-1 your friendly neighborhood reporter is back!!! My Epicians, it is time to cross that line as I review End Game featuring TNA Superstar Kurt Angle. So the movie begins with Mayfield (Kurt Angle) in a run down hotel with Beatrice (Natalie Bail); she asks him, "Why they are always in cheap motels?" Mayfield responds by saying, "When they find you dead, they will wonder what a beautiful girl like her was doing in a place like this." So he handcuffs her to the bed, goes behind her, begins to have sex with her and starts to suffocate her. When he's done killing her he asks "was that good for you as well?" Now that alone tells you that this movie is going to be sick. Now the detective in charge of the murder is Det. Burke (Eric Wright); he is seen as a man who is having marital problems and has a child with special needs. The wife Anne (Lake Asbury) does not like the fact that he is a detective and tells him he has to find another position - indirectly of course. During the movie Det. Burke meets the roommate of Beatrice, Carol (Jenna Morasca) a stripper who catches his attention and also the attention of Mayfield. The movie plays out and they can not find Mayfield, no one knows what he looks like because he keeps putting on different outfits. For instance he wears a fat mask and a suit and becomes a detective to try and find some things in Beatrice's room that will give him up. He also dresses as Buffo the World's Strongest Clown to kidnap Det. Burke's daughter Chrissy (Isabella Iwanonkiw). And probably the best part of the movie, while dressed like the clown he meets Anne and knocks her out. The movie ends with Det. Burke finding Mayfield on a boat with, Beatrice tied up and his daughter somewhere on the boat. Burke gets caught by Mayfield and is about to get killed how does he get out of it you ask? Watch the movie and find out my friend.

End Game

The Good

The movie in whole is good. The acting is a little cheesy in some parts but very solid. Angle as a villain is probably one of the most intelligent criminal minds up there with Hannibal Lecter. The movie has some funny parts for instance when Mayfield dresses like the clown and kidnaps Chrissy. He then places her in the back of the truck where the real Buffo (Buffo the Clown) is tied up. Mayfield then asks Buffo, "Who is the strongest clown now Buffo?" The ending was a surprise as well.

End Game

The Bad

Even though the ending was a surprise it was not a great ending. Also in one part they send SWAT to a house where Mayfield is, one of the SWAT guys catches him and Mayfield gets out of it by backing into the SWAT whose gun is pointed at him and disarms the SWAT member. WTF? He's SWAT shoot his ass!!! Also, the misuse of the special needs child really upset me.

End Game

The Ugly

The only thing about this movie that I believe was ugly is that it just looks like it was done with a bunch of friends filming from a camcorder on some parts and not a film that has some budget.

End Game

So in conclusion, Cross the line!!! Go get End Game, watch Kurt Angle in this movie, catch the surprise ending, and the diabolical mind of his. End Game receives 3.5 stars out of 5 stars and it has been Epic-1 tested and TOV approved!!!


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