Veyl ePillow Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. With Christmas only three months away, now is the time to start thinking about what you wanna get from the ones you care about most. Or screw that let's be selfish, it's all about you and the things you want to receive. Either way, if you or that special someone owns an iPad (or iPad 2), then why not consider "The ePillow" (from Veyl) as the gift of choice?

Veyl ePillow

The ePillow, simply put is a small size pillow with a special patented ergonomic design that houses your iPad (or iPad2) within the pillow, allowing you to rest the tablet comfortably on your lap in a variety of poses such as lying on your back, on your bed, knees propped up, or on a plane with the ePillow resting on your lap (or fold out table) so you can fully enjoy the tablet experience of watching a movie, playing a game, web surfing, or reading an eBook. Think about it, no more awkwardly holding your tablet either with your elbows propped on the table or fold out tray, or having it on your lap, worrying about your tablet slipping and falling onto the ground into a mass of glass and plastic! REJOICE!!!

But seriously, the ePillow is available now at the price of 29.95 and can act as a pillow if you need that extra comfort. So after testing on a loaner iPad, let me tell you what I think of this unique accessory in the TOV Breakdown!

Veyl ePillow

The Bang:

I'm the mellowest guy there is and yes I will admit, extremely lazy when laziness sets in. So the act of having to hold a tablet while say resting on my bed… yea that clashes with my whole laziness… thing. But the ePillow is a game changer for those who enjoy lounging with their tablets with a drink at your side… maybe a glass of scotch or chardonnay… Ahem! Save that thought for later. With the ePillow you don't have to fumble with the device, trying to find that perfect position, it's go time once the tablet is propped; it's held up at the right height, which makes for easy typing and page turning. Plus the addition of having a travel pillow handy is a bonus. Trust me when I say that the ePillow is wicked soft!

Veyl ePillow

The Slack:


Veyl ePillow

iPad users enjoy this exclusive accessory while you can because soon other tablet users will be able to enjoy that which the ePillow has to offer – ultimate comfort and support when you need it most. Travelers, loungers, all around lazy people pick one up today. So out of TOV 5 stars, I'm giving the ePillow a 5 star perfect and it's been Valkor tested, TOV Approved!


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