• Casio EX-Z75 7 MP Digital Camera Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. The folks over at Casio have once again stopped by the Val-Cave with another tasty morsel for me and the crew to drool over. This time we were given the pleasure to test out their latest in the Exilim line, the EX-Z57 megapixel camera. Not only does it look great, but… dare I say it… it actually takes better pics than the Z1000 which was a 10 MP cam? Read on!

First right out the box, the camera looks beautiful. It's the color that I am most impressed with the black finish that's not all glossy, but still looks great. Kind of reminds me of the Bat suit, to hell with it let's call this the Bat-cam from now on yea? No. Ok. The 2.6 inch widescreen LCD screen just about takes up the entire back of the cam, which is not a bad thing. It makes taking pics that much easier. All the buttons are conveniently located in all the right spots, small as they may be, but then this is an Exilim cam, small is what it's all about. Fit it in your pocket, your purse, your bag, anywhere this baby fits with ease. Now with the black finish and small size, makes you wanna go out and play super spy right?

Casio EX-Z75 7 MP

As far as features go, the EX-Z75 is loaded. And for such a small camera that says a lot. For starters you get the 34 "Best Shots", which has always been a HUGE plus in my book for all the Exilim cams. Now for those who don't know or may have forgotten, the BS button gives you 34 preset templates that kinda gives you the feel like you're a pro but really you're not but then who's gonna know because your pics will always look good no matter where you are or what the situation is. There is bound to be one Best Shot for whatever the occasion may be. You also get 7 different modes for different times of the day, which include daylight and overcast. Of course you get tons of other settings that can completely customize the camera to your needs or any given situation. And it's all made simple by an easy to follow onscreen menu. Oh ya let me not forget, there is a 16:9 option for those who need some widescreen lovin'. (yea I just got a widescreen, I need that lovin!!) But wait there's more! The battery has to be the best there is, because you can take pics for hours before you can begin wasting energy. Finally the EX-Z75 has picture quality that actually blows away the Z1000 10mp, which I found to be a bit fuzzy. Pictures are sharp, crisp, maybe not as good lookin as the Fuji F20, but they blow away the recent Nikon S10. Plus with the added Anti-shake, nore more blurry pics because of unwanted movements. So not only does the camera look great, but it takes pics that look great too. Toss in a great movie mode and you got one heck of a cam.

Now the bad… well after much consideration, deliberation, and a few other ations we won't get into, I gotta say the EXZ75 kicks all ass! I really don't have much negativity to say about it. Anything really and it would be nitpicky. For anyone lookin' to pick up a new digicam, let the Exilim EXZ75 be one at the very top of the list. It's been Valkor tested and TOV approved.