• Lexar's JumpDrive FireFly Review

Hey folks, Valkor here, takin a much needed media break to play a little bit on the tech side. We saw some success from Lexar's platinum II SDHC card and now they're back with a new flash drive that's fast, simple, and transfers on the fly... and it's called the FireFly.

Lexar Firefly JumpDrive

The Firefly is probably one of the smallest USB flash drives in the Val-Cave repertoire. Measuring about 2" without the cap (almost 3 with the cap), yea it's small. Though it's lacking in size, it clearly makes up for it in speed... sorta. I tested two files, one that was 300mb and the other 1.17GB to check transfer rates. Writing to the drive on the 300 took 1:36 and the 1.17 took 15:10. Reading from the disc (Copying the data from the drive and placing it back onto the pc), on the 300 took about 36s and the 1.17 took 7:18, fast on the read, not so fast on the write. The Firefly also has an LED light to show its working, plus it comes with preinstalled software or encryption in case you need to leave no tracks.

The Firefly comes in an assortment of colors and file sizes; you can choose from five different colors and file sizes starting at 1gb going up to 16gb (For our testing, we received the 4gb).

So how did Lexar's latest drive fare in Val-cave testing?

Lexar Firefly JumpDrive

The Bang:

It fared pretty well considering the Apogee and Kingston flash drives I tested. Yea they ran a bit faster, but it all comes down to what you wanna use the drive for. Are you looking for something quick and easy, or do you want the security functionality? This kinda gives you both (software not hardware), but again it works for what I need it to do.

Lexar Firefly JumpDrive

The Slack:

Write speeds could be boosted in comparison to other drives.

Lexar Firefly JumpDrive

Overall Lexar's Firefly JumpDrive wins with me; it's small size packs quite a big punch and its one that I highly recommend for storing all your photos, music, documents, and more. Out of TOV 5 stars, I give the Firefly JumpDrive a 4 and it's been Valkor tested and TOV Approved.