• Voltron: Fleet of Doom DVD Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. As a kid of the 80's, I was a huge fan of the Voltron series - both the five lions and the vehicles. But there was one episode that has eluded me, until today. It's the ep where the two Voltrons team up to fight together for the good of the galaxy. Why'd I miss out? Because when this episode aired, at 9am on a weekday, I was in class. And I did everything in my powers to try and stay home to see this amazing one hour episode special. But it never came to be. Well now my wait is finally over and after watching "Voltron: Fleet of Doom", I can honestly say… it wasn't worth the wait. Not by a long shot.

Voltron: Fleet of Doom

In Fleet of Doom, Emperor Zarkon forms an alliance with King Thok, together forming an unstoppable armada that will reign havoc on the Galaxy Alliance, or specifically a secret base, which is home of a clean energy source that fuels the alliance. Both teams of Lion force and Vehicle force race to the planet to defend against the deadly alliance.

On a side note, Witch Haggar sneaks onto the castle/ship of the lions, capturing the spirit of Princess Allura. And thanks to the spirit of King Alfor, Keith is able to enter the witch's realm to rescue the princess. But it won't be so easy, as he'll have to battle the fears of his past. It's also here we learn the witch was actually a good person and a hottie babe, until Zarkon corrupted her. At the end, her good and evil self merge to form a new entity that has all of her abilities and beauty.

Voltron: Fleet of Doom

I've waited a long time to see this special… a really long time. And after finally checking it out, I must say, I'm very disappointed.

The Good:

It was a treat watching Lion Force and Vehicle Force Voltron battle it out against Prince Lotor, who has a combiner robot/beast as well. What's even funnier is that he says the lines "form feet and legs. Form arms and torso. And I'll form the head" line.

Voltron: Fleet of Doom

The Bad:

For starters, the show's major focus isn't so much the two teams meeting, as there really is no build up towards it. We know they're gonna get to the planet, we know they're gonna fight together, and we know they're gonna win. So why not simply go there? Instead we spend more time with Keith going after the princess and the princess trying to turn Witch Haggar back to the side of good, plus Keith overcoming his fears, than this big battle. I know I'm complaining about a show that aired in the 80's, but it's such a letdown. Finally the show is mad choppy, I mean it literally is all over the place.

The Ugly:

Watching Zarkon's face when he sees the new Witch Haggar. His new fleet was just pounded, soof course he's pissed, but he takes pause when hottie Haggar enters the room, only to be letdown when she turns back into her ugly self. Lulz.

I guess it is true, you really can't ever go home, which is not only true for Voltron: Fleet of Doom, but also with the original Lion series. I just recently started watching the series in its uncut Japanese form, and if you have not seen the original GoLion series, and you only know the American version; do yourself a HUGE favor and get it today. It's much darker telling than the original, with lots more blood and killings. For starters, GoLion (Voltron), was just a pissed off bad ass that killed everything in his path, until he went too far and tried to kill a Goddess, who split GoLion to teach him a lesson and to reign in his anger. In the end, and out of TOV 5 stars, I'm giving "Voltron: Fleet of Doom", 2 stars.