• Frame of Mind DVD Review

Ok so this movie was directed, produced, written and stars Carl T. Evans. It’s about a couple who are going to have a baby that returns to there roots in Carlstadt, NJ. They go antiquing and buy a box with very old film. On it there’s a man on a grassy knoll who’s supposedly the real assassin of John F. Kennedy. There it is, the whole movie in less than one paragraph, yea this movie is bad. I kind of fell asleep for a minute and had to rewind it and found out I didn’t miss anything. But to go more indepth:

Frame of Mind

The film goes on about a conspiracy theory to kill JFK and that the CIA and mafia are trying to stop a detective named David Becca (Carl T. Evans), the guy who found the film, from letting it out. Now David wants to make sure the film is authentic; he goes online and finds an author who resides in New Jersey that’s now teaching named Steve Lynde (Chris Noth) (aka Mr. Biggs from Sex in the City). Steve finds some old pictures and tells Detective to look through them to find a woman he spoke to, that originally owned the box he found the film in. Meanwhile we have the CIA trying to stop David by giving his wife Jennifer (Arija Bareikis) a DUI on her record, so she cant get her dream job as a music teacher at her alma mater, also killing his friend, who finds out that the gun the man was carrying in the film was actually the gun that killed JFK, finally showing Steve that he can get terminated from teaching. Now while this is going on David’s boss Lt. John Mangihone (Vincent Curatole) is trying to find out why David is always late (yea great side story *yawn* oh sorry fell asleep there lol). Now the biggest highlight was when they (Valkor’s Notes: David and Steve, I assume) show up at a party and see Senator Franklin (former New York mayor David Dinkins… what they couldn’t get Christy Whitman lol). The end of the movie comes when David goes and speaks to some guy in charge of safety for the government and realizes that it’s this person who was trying to kill him the whole time. Then they cut to him and his wife relaxing outside with there newborn baby and end film. Now besides me being from New Jersey and knowing a couple of places in the movie because, I saw them already in Sopranos, who in the hell knows about Carlstadt, NJ? Really, why is everything filmed there? Is it really that boring a place that filming can be done without any worries?

The Good

New Jersey!!!!!

The Bad


The Ugly

Everything in this movie was ugly: the acting, the directing, the producing, and the writing. I guess we have to blame only one person huh!! Carl T. Evans! Please, even though there shouldn’t be a next time, but next time please represent New Jersey in a proud light or make a movie about New Jersey with all the weird stuff we already have, don’t add shit to make people hate us more. New Jersey, stand up!!!!!

So in conclusion, we blame Carl T. Evans for everything in this movie. I’m giving Frame of Mind 1 star for New Jersey and it has been Epic-1 tested and TOV approved!!!!