• Freakazoid Season 2 DVD Review

So, Epic-1 is back and this time I’m reviewing a classic 90’s cartoon called Freakazoid. Now some of you might not remember this show and some of you might slightly remember it because, unfortunately, this 2 discs DVD of season 2 represents the last season. Now I myself remember a lot of season 1, but unfortunately did not remember season 2. However I was really pleased with watching this set to know that it was still good after all these years.

Freakazoid Season 2

Freakazoid was one of many toons done by Steven Spielberg during the 90’s, along with Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, Pinky and the Brain and others. Freakazoid is about a young boy named Dexter who got sucked into his computer, gained super powers, is friends with police Sgt. Cosgrove and has a girlfriend Steff, who is actually a popular person while Dexter is the nerd of their school. Now that you have a little back story lets get to the DVD; disc 1 has six great toons, which my favorite was actually the first episode “Dexter’s Date”, where Freakazoid’s arch enemy, The Lobe, shows up at the same restaurant that Dexter is having his date with Steff, and does this great funny number by the name of Bonjour Lobey with the employees of the restaurant. Now disc 1 special features left me feeling weird though as they review there season in five minutes or less. And that’s what the title of the first special feature is called “Freakazoid season 2 in five minutes or less”. Then the second feature made me laugh at first, then it just upset me as it says “sorry we didn’t have enough money for the video but we give you the Audio Sampling of Bonjour Lobey”.

Freakazoid Season 2

Now disc 2 was actually more interesting for me, highlighted with Normadeus and the Island of Dr. Mystico. Normadeus features Norm Abram from This Old House and was actually the last episode of Freakazoid and ended with all the characters singing together. My favorite episode of disc 2 has to be the Island of Dr. Mystico though where Freakazoid, Cosgrove, Steff and Freakazoid’s butler Prof. Jones of Lost in Space have to take all the villains to the land of FranceEurope (lol) but get side tracked by Dr. Mystico, who wants to change them against his Orangumen (half orangutan half man), to conquer the world. Now disc 2 special features were definitely not that much better as they talk about finding out that the show was not being picked up for a third season and the other special feature just shows you that two DVD’s of classic cartoons from the 70’s and 80’s is coming soon.

Freakazoid Season 2

The Good:

The 2 disc DVD was great in whole, if you love 90’s toons you will love this DVD set. And kids today will even like it as the humor is definitely not heavy as it is based on children humor, I say, from ages 8 to 11 and the children in all of us that grew up watching these toons.

Freakazoid Season 2

The Bad:

The extras were definitely the bad of this DVD. I really believe that they could’ve just put more effort into them. They really bored me after watching a great toon.

The Ugly:

The ugly, is or was, that it didn’t get picked up for a third season. This show is and was great but unfortunately it got lost in the shuffle of Saturday morning cartoons that were all coming out in the 90’s.

So, in conclusion go get this DVD series, Freakazoid Season 2. It’s great to see that 90’s cartoons still can survive and who knows maybe we’ll see a resurrection of Freakazoid. I’m giving this set 4 out of 5 stars for the simple fact that the extras suck if not it would probably be 5 and it has been Epic-1 tested and TOV approved!!! Peace up out!!!