• Ghosts of Goldfield DVD Review

Epic-1, your friendly neighborhood reporter is back!!! This time I got to review the newest movie with a wrestler in it called “Ghost of Goldfield. The wrestler is WWe legend Rowdy Roddy Piper as bartender “Jackson Smith”. The movie revolves around five students who are helping Julie (Marnette Patterson) do her thesis. The four other students including the cameraman Chad (Kellan Lutz), the sound man Dean (Scott Whyte), Dean’s girlfriend Keri (Mandy Amano) and Julie’s boyfriend Mike (Richie Chance). There on their way to Goldfield, Arizona their van breaks down out of town and they walk the rest of the way. On their way they stop at a cemetery to look for the grave of Elizabeth the ghost of the lady who Julie is doing her thesis on. They finally arrive at Goldfield decide to stay at the hotel that Elizabeth was murdered at and start investigating. The ghost of Elizabeth (Ashly Rae) is looking for her baby and kills everyone except for Julie, who takes Elizabeth’s place in the hotel at the end. And that my friend is the entire movie; trust me.

Ghost of Goldfield

The Good

The good about this movie was that it was short only 88 minutes, but even that my friend was too long because it took me 3 days to watch this movie, as I kept falling asleep from boredom.

The Bad

Where do I start, everything about this movie was bad. From the fake blood that squirted out 100 mph, to the acting, to the fake accent that Roddy Piper used. The ending was stupid and the killings came to fast; they could of spread it out more throughout the movie. The storyline was super boring and just made no sense.

Ghost of Goldfield

The Ugly

Everything I said in The Bad plus, can someone explain to me why the sex scene in the movie had no nudity and why was the ghost controlling Keri’s body and having sex with Mike but then she didn’t just take over Julie’s body at the end. What the hell was the point of the deaf guy in the bar that was meaner than a junkyard dog when all he did was sit there and then open the front door of the hotel.

In conclusion, if you see this movie, prepare to sleep and take a couple of days to watch. Sorry Piper, I tried liking it but I’m giving this movie 0.5 stars out of 5 stars.

Ghost of Goldfield