D'Angelico @ GTR NYC Showcase Event

Hey gang, Valkor here. Before I took over the TOV operations a few years back, any events we attended were mainly in the tech area. After my takeover I included gaming as well and have only covered the two types of events up until last year when I decided it was time for a change. I mean we’ve gotten invites for all different kinds of events and it was last year that I decided that if it stuck within the TOV M.O. then I was gonna do it. Events such as Zippo, the wine tastings and even Bella J candle event shows TOV can expand its horizons yet remain fun and entertaining. And that brings me back to NYC where a few short blocks from the NY/NJ Path station brought me to the doorsteps of GTR; and this company goes beyond just being an ordinary guitar store. This place is out of this world!

D'Angelico @ GTR Event

The GTR Showroom is a display area unlike any other; as soon as you step inside you’re given an eyeful of wall to wall guitars from vintage, modern and everything in between plus all sorts of memorabilia. My first assumption, given this was a guitar event, was that the place would be blaring guitar tracks, only to discover to the… was rather mellow and chill. It was such a relax atmosphere and you just feel so welcome, even for one such as myself who is unaccustomed to visiting such places. I’ve only ever been to one other showroom and that was a guitar shop at the Newport Center Mall in Jersey City. That place was cool, but very shallow. The GTR showroom has a very relaxed atmosphere about it and it comes complete with soft leather chairs, a sitting area backlit with a movie screen, and a stage for rockin out. Need to give your piece a test run? Then there are tons of amps to try out. And when you’re done (or just as you step in) mosey up to the bar to quench your palate. There’s also a High-end room filled with exquisite and quite expensive guitars followed by an acoustic room lined with… you guessed it, acoustic guitars that you can take for a spin. GTR also offers up banjos, ukuleles, mandolins and any and a wide variety of accessories. If you’re a guitar nut, then this would be heaven. Hell I’m not an aficionado but even I can appreciate the handy work on a guitar and GTR has a wide selection to choose from.

D'Angelico @ GTR Event

Now I don’t play guitar and the closets I’ve ever gotten to the experience was when I checked out Ubisoft’s Rocksmith. But you have to admit, even if you don’t play, just having a guitar as a showpiece will up your cool status immensely… until you’re asked to play it. Then you’ll have some new issues to deal with. But because it doesn’t matter because whether it’s custom made or off the rack, either way it looks like you can’t go wrong with GTR.

D'Angelico @ GTR Event

As much as this was an event to showcase the GTR showroom, it was also to show off D’Angelico Guitars, who also hosted the event and allowed one lucky winner to walk away with one of their pieces; though I’m a little jelly, congrats to the winner. And learn more about D’Angelico, peep this press release.

D'Angelico @ GTR Event

A group of NYC music enthusiasts, including CEO Brenden Cohen and John Ferolito, Jr., purchased D’Angelico Guitars of New York a few years ago and are looking to bring the legendary brand back into the limelight. So far, these guitar aficionados have been quite successful in bringing this brand back into limelight both in business and in the music space.

Since its recent resurrection, NYC-based D’Angelico has attracted a wide following of devoted musicians including John Mayer, Nile Rogers, Pete Townshend, Susan Tedeschi and guitar legend and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Eric Clapton to name a few. Most recently, Howard Stern applauded the brand on his Sirius/XM radio show as he strummed along to “Hurt” by Johnny Cash on a brand-new EXL -1 Vintage Sunburst from D’Angelico’s premiere guitar line.

D’Angelico’s pedigree is the standard of excellence in the guitar world. “Our team at D’Angelico promises to build instruments that respect and honor John D’Angelico’s legacy of excellence and carry on the tradition of one of the world’s finest guitar brands,” said CEO Brenden Cohen. “The new 2014 models are replicas of John D’Angelico’s legendary aesthetic, attention to detail and the level of excellence established long ago by this master luthier.” To ensure authenticity, original models were put through an MRI that was specially designed for guitars—new models are replicated to the exact specifications as the original models. After testing the Master-Builder Excel, guitar legend and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Eric Clapton worked with D’Angelico to design the new Style B model to fit his own specifications perfectly. He then graciously signed that Master-Builder Excel to be auctioned off at the John Varvatos 11th Annual Stuart House Benefit, of which D’Angelico is a Patron Supporter. D’Angelico is also sponsoring an upcoming auction at the GTR Showroom to benefit the Fate Foundation for Autism on May 15th… they are big supporters in philanthropy.

D'Angelico @ GTR Event

Peep this link if you want to learn more about D’Angelico guitars and where they are located. And if you’re interested in the GTR NYC showroom, then give the link to the right a try and see what the company has to offer, especially if you’re an aficionado or in the market for a guitar. I had a great time hanging out at one of the chilliest spots in NYC and I’m looking forward to revisiting for future events and showcases.

images in the slideshow are a mix of my own as well as official pics taken from the GTR website for better representation

D'Angelico @ GTR Event

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