• The Happy Ending Glove Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. After my recent visit with EXXXOTICA 2017, I walked away with a few choice items to add to my Val-Cave collection; one of which I said I’d review here on the site – the Happy Ending Glove. Now, I get the idea behind it. But in the end, is this something that’s worth the investment? I think so! However, there’s always room for improvement. So, just for you guys, I’ve queued up some of my favorite spank vids to take this baby for a whirl!

Happy Ending Glove

The Happy Ending Glove is exactly what the name implies – it’s a latex type glove, minus the fingers but keeping the thumb part, used for masturbation. What you do is place the glove around your fist ensuring a decent fit, grip your member, and you tug away until you shoot your load into the reservoir space. And when you’re done you simply toss the glove out, so there’s less of a mess that you'd have to deal with. I mean most guys keep a spank rag, towel, and or sock nearby for those just such an occasion. But then you ultimately have to deal with tossing out a crystallized, crusty chunk of jizz with no semblance that it was ever a piece of cloth. Or you could simply toss out said cloth, eventually running out of towels, rags, and/or socks until you need to replenish. This could get mad expensive! But with the Happy Ending Glove, you simply shoot your load, toss it, and move on to something else. Like pondering what you're even doing with your life that it has come to buying a latex glove for masturbation purposes.

Before delving into the breakdown, I would suggest that should you decide to invest in the glove, you might also want to pick up some lube. And might I suggest to the folks behind the “Happy Ending Glove”, to consider a package deal (maybe call it the “Love Thyself” combo pack) that would include maybe a three pack of gloves, some lube and maybe a bottle of post-spank hand sanitizer. Perfect for Valentine's Day and most holidays!

The Bang:

So, I was given a couple of packages of the Happy Ending Glove to try out; I mean when I first saw the product I instantly did a double take. And after chatting with the rep about the product, I totally get what its creator was going for. So, after I put the glove to some use, I’ll admit it was different, but it didn't feel weird. The glove around the penis gives you a much tighter grip. And when you mix it with the lube, it's a mind-blowing experience! And it's not completely without dealing with a sticky mess because you still have to deal with whatever gets on your hands. But if you're aim is true, you shouldn't have too much to deal with. Is this something that guys would rush out to buy? They probably won’t be pulling them off of store shelves. But through the discretion of an online marketplace, I’m certain it’d be something of a hit. I'd think most would buy one or more out of curiosity. Yet, it’s probably not something where someone would have a box of these gloves by their bed waiting for use.

The Slack:

The obvious downside to the Happy Ending Glove is that there’s already a no mess product on the market – the paper towel! A really good roll would cost just about as much as one of these gloves, you can get way more use out of them, and you could find something that’s super absorbent, leaving you with less of a mess and just as easy of a cleanup. Finally, the Happy Ending Glove isn’t really a “one size fit all” deal as it’s a little too snug to accommodate my fist and “little buddy” for a spank session. There definitely needs to be multiple sizes, and I can see that in the product’s future.

With the holidays well on their way, those who are looking to spend some quality time alone should consider treating yourself to the Happy Ending Glove; it really is the “less mess” option it claims to be, plus it’s something different. So now we wait for some improvements to the product. But until then, out of TOV 5 stars, I’m giving the Happy Ending Glove a 3.5.