Hardwired DVD Review

Ace here, reviewing the sci-fi/horror/action thriller movie "Hardwired" starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Val Kilmer. Ernie Barbarash is the director of this film and It draws the viewer's interest putting Luke Gibson (Cuba Gooding Jr.) in a state where he doesn't remember past events after a car accident.


The story begins with a model advertising some beverage, the scene then switches from the beautiful looking model to what appears to be a homeless guy running through an alley with the end result of his head blowing up. We are then introduced to Luke Gibson (Gooding Jr.) who has just finished arguing with his wife. They end up going out driving, stopping at a light, only to get hit by an oncoming truck. Skipping the rest of the action, his sister okays a chip to be placed inside of Gibson's head due his near death crash with the persuasion of the advertising company Hexx Corporation owned by Val Kilmer's character. One thing the evil Hexx Corporation does with its participants of the chip is wipe their memory clean. Gibson is left to retrace his steps to find out who he is and why he keeps seeing advertisements constantly in his head.



Now one thing about this movie is that while the plot is pretty simple it is the action and the twists and turns that make this movie better than it really is. The best actor in the movie, in my opinion, ends up being acting veteran Michael Ironside because he wasn't looking stiff when he played the part he was supposed and you felt his EMOTION!!!! Not to say the Kilmer and Gooding Jr. didn't act but it wasn't up to par with what they are used to.



Well the starring actors were stiff as a board; Cuba Gooding Jr. for some reason throughout the beginning didn't seem so lively - even in an argument you would at least expect some emotion. Some of the supporting cast displayed it better. And Kilmer just looked goofy, like an anime character. If you take the action and the twists away you got a shit movie.



It is amazing what concepts the directors come up with to make movies because the scary thing is the idea isn't so farfetched. @.@



Hardwired is the kind of movie worth taking a look at and I wouldn't recommend it as a must buy, but if you are sci-fi fan this might be your kind of movie. Out of TOV 5 stars, I give Hardwired a 3.


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