Infestation DVD Review

Hey this is Ace reviewing the horror sci-fi/comedy film Infestation starring Chris Marquette and directed by Kyle Rankin. Chris Marquette plays Cooper a lazy telemarketer (BUM!) who is on his last leg on employment due to his slacking efforts. Maureen (Deborah Geffner) is Cooper’s boss who is revealed to have given Cooper a job due to sympathy of his mother’s passing. When he can almost taste the words “YOU’RE FIRED” come out her mouth loud screaming ensues rendering everyone in the wonderful world of the telemarketing office unconscious. The lucky fellow Cooper wakes up by spewing nasty black gooey vomit out his mouth. He finds everyone webbed down except himself from head to toe. To Cooper’s surprise, a giant ant, yes a GIANT ANT, proceeds to try to fuck him in the face! IN THE FACE!! He beats it off (no pun intended) with an umbrella. He successfully diminishes the bug to white sticky goo OH THE IRONY!!! Cooper then wakes up Maureen to help find any survivors and figure out what the hell is going on!! Now I love the fact that right out the gate the movie gives off on a light tone and you suddenly expect it to get serious. Mr. Rankin strays away from that serious tone and it makes the audience want to like the movie. If the tone would have been serious, this movie would have been a guaranteed bomb of a movie!!


The story continues with Cooper and Maureen going out the find Maureen’s daughter, Sara. Sara (Brooke Nevin), by the way is also webbed up and the theme black gooey of vomit reminiscent of a nasty bug hangover ensues!! Afterwards something really funny happens and the group ends up having to wake up any of the remaining survivors who took it in the mouth from this giant ant species!! This movie automatically brought me back to one of my favorites “Shaun of the Dead”. Only reason why is because there would be so many stupid pointless events in the story and it didn’t try too hard to be funny it just was!! Now this movie is pretty funny and there was a couple of scenes where I applauded the actions of certain people!!! Of course since this is a horror movie, I can’t give too much away but to those who care the black guy dies towards in the end.



Brooke Niven is a nice piece of sexy!



Nothing I can really be judgmental on!!



The damn bugs and the mutations!!!


This movie is not a classic. I won’t give it as much acclaim as Shawn of the Dead because that was an undeniable horror comedy classic. I will say that this movie is definitely good even though they hint a…….you just have to see the movie. Infestation gets 4.5.



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