• itablet Bluetooth thumb keyboard Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. And once again I'm playin catch up with all my reviews, which is OK by me because it shows that TOV is hoppin and we know what you guys like – straight, honest, and fair opinions. And I promise to keep it flowin no matter what. Next up on the TOV TechView chopping is a newcomer into the bluetooth keyboard field, plus it adds a unique feature not found on most like it. Check it out, it's the iTablet Bluetooth Thumb Keyboard.

itablet bluetooth keyboard

The itablet, simply put, is a small size keyboard, which features an ergonomic design that allows you to hold the device much like you would an Xbox or PS3 controller, using your thumbs to press the keys. Most mobile phone users, especially heavy texters, should feel quite at home with the itablet because you're utilizing a process that you're most accustomed to – using your thumbs to type. Only now you have a bigger playing field than just your phone. The buttons are laid out QWERTY style, with much of the letters doubling up as symbols. The shoulder buttons contain the CTRL/SHIFT keys, and four additional buttons on the face to lock and unlock, capslock, and Function or fn (for symbols and such). The device contains a rechargable battery and utlizes a miniusb port for recharging purposes.

Now when does that unique spin kick in? Right about… NOW! The itable features a rear facing touchpad, for pointer friendly devices such as PCs or even my PS3. Actually this would make for great practice when the PS Vita comes to town, which also has a rear touchpad.

So after testing it on such devices as the PS3, the iPad 2, and even my iPhone 3gs, how did the itablet fare? Let's find out as we jump into the TOV Breakdown.

itablet bluetooth keyboard

The Bang:

For what it's worth, the itablet does what it says it does and for that I have no complaints. It adds the comfort of a physical keyboard rather than having to fumble with touch screen devices, which is perfect for sending SMS messages or navigating the interwebz with less mistakes. Setting it up is quite simple, and while it does take some getting used to (the typing), you'll be tapping away in no time. What I like most about the itablet is how lightweight it is, and I mean it's really light. It almost feels like a cheap toy, not to say the device itself is cheap, just sayin its damn light… Also the device is very ergonomic and fits comfortably in the grasp of my meaty paws. And it should be noted that given it's small frame, it's definitely travelworthy; it even fits well in your pocket, though I wouldn't keep much else in there. For the most part, you won't have major use of the touchpad unless you're using it with the PS3 or PC. But it works. However that's when I hit a snag…

itablet bluetooth keyboard

The Slack:

The touchpad isn't too responsive on the PS3, which quite frankly I was surprised it worked to begin with. Typing is great but trying to navigate the XMB bar or attempting to fix an incorrect word was a chore. Thankfully scrolling through webpages wasn't too much of a hassle. In the end, utilizing the touchpad was a bit of a workout for the fingers. Secondly, the itablet works better with just the iPad or other tablets; I don't see a real need for using it with touch-screen phones – you're just adding more work. Actually if you're gonna use the itablet with your phone, then it's best that you use it at your desk or other relaxing areas, that way you can give yourself some distance between your face and phone. Next up, I'm not feelin the position of the SPACE button, which should have been better at the center of the device, rather than its current position, which is to the right, next to the ENTER key. Too many times, I either hit SPACE when I meant to hit ENTER or I hit the B or V buttons when I mean to hit SPACE. Finally the keys were a bit too stiff for my taste; it definitely needs a softer touch.

itablet bluetooth keyboard

The itablet is definitely a step in the right direction – it has a great design, a nice button layout, the touchpad is a nifty feature, and it's a great alternative from using touch-screen keyboards. However if a few quirks can be ironed out, I'm sure the next version of the itablet will be a bigger success. But as it stands out of TOV 5 stars, I give the device a 2.5.