• Kate Voegele "Only Fooling Myself" Review

Valkor's note: Since this is an older article, the IMviroment no longer exsist, nor does the music exsist on the Arizona Jeans website, You can find Kate's music on her Myspace page with the link to the right.

Hey folks, Valkor here. There's no questioning my taste in music, as I enjoy all varieties; from hardcore metal to the phat beats of hip-hop, I am there to give it a try and to either sing its praise or make that CD an instant coaster. So the other day I was chatting with a friend using the Yahoo Instant Messenger and they have this option called "IMviroments". For those that are not familiar, imviroments are essentially a theme with background, sounds, images from popular movies, songs, or other types of advertising labels. You have many different kinds to choose from, and one that caught my eyes and ears, in particular, was from Arizona Jeans. What made it interesting was that they were playing songs from independent artists, and that was when I fell in love with Kate Voegele.

I've never ever heard of Kate Voegele until that point, but it seems she's been in the music industry for quite some time. Performing with Farm Aid when she was 17, did some songs for TV, even performed with the likes of Michelle Branch and John Mayer. According to the Arizona website (where this current album can be found), she has an album out already called "The Other Side", but it's her current album "Louder than Words" that has caught the attentions of my ears and now I want more.

Of course, there are a wide variety of artists featured on the website and I am sure their songs are just as good, but, for now, I am content with the awesome sounds of Kate. Streaming off the site are three songs from the album; one downloadable for your collection (This goes for the other artist as well), the downloadable song being "Only Fooling Myself", which is a great rock song and the perfect track to release to the public as the it's mad catchy. Kate possesses a harmony that is rare with some current female artist and with great range, her voice is quite beautiful and the background music compliments her very well, not overpowering her already powerful voice.

So my friends if you're out and about looking for a fresh new artist, then give Kate Voegele a sample. I'm putting up the freebie posted from Arizona Jeans along with a link to said site because there are two other songs that are listening worthy. I hope that I will be able to do a complete review of the full CD. Why oh why did you not post a link where we can purchase this music Arizona jeans?? I'll be scouring the net for this one, but until then this will hold you guys over. So let's spread the word and give Kate the support she deserves.