• Kidz Gear Wired and Wireless Headphones for Kids Review

Hey TOV moms and dads, your friendly neighborhood Valkor has just the thing for you and will change the way you take those long trips with the little ones or even relax at home. The folks at Kidz Gear have just what you need to keep the little ones quiet in the back seat or on the couch; introducing Kidz Gear Wired and Wireless car Headphones for Kids.

First the Wired Headphones, which are just a standard pair of headphones, lightweight with small cushioned earpieces for the comfort of little ears and an adjustable volume control and headstrap.

Kidz Gear Headphones

Next up are the Wireless Car headphones; the ear cups are bigger than the wired version, with power and volume controls on the right ear, and are capable of being used at home as well as on the road. At home you would have to buy the separate receiver, hook it up to any television and BAM! the youngins can watch their favorite movies or play their favorite games. But the headsets themselves are capable of going wireless on the road if your in-car entertainment system has wireless capabilities.

So after thorough Val-cave testing, inviting the nieces and nephews of the Valkinator to try out the headsets, how did they the headsets fare?

The Bang:

Not as bad as I thought. First off both headphones proved to be most comfortable to the little one's ears. And surprising they also fit on my big melon with ease and very lightweight. But the Wireless design scored more "love points" because of the bigger ear cups and to the little ones they seemed to think they fit better. Sound quality wasn't too crazy, actually a bit too soft for my ears but for the brats… oops I mean kiddies, well they enjoyed the quality. The wireless set worked great and wasn't too glitch in terms of steady sound. Setting it up was quite simple and overall sound quality was much of the same as the wired. And that's a plus because I don't think most parents want their kids thumpin heavy bass in their little ears.

Kidz Gear Headphones

The Slack:

Since these are headphones made for little ones, there isn't much to be critical about them as I would an adult pair. Kidz Gear set out to make a pair of headphones that's suitable for the little ones and they've succeeded in that respect.

Overall Kidz Gear has a couple of winners in my book with the Wired and Wireless headphones for Kids. They look great, feel great, and quite honestly the kids love em. To you adult TOVers out there I say give your kids the best for their ears and pick up one or both pair of headsets for different situations such as Home, on the road, or air travel; the kids will enjoy the fun of enjoying their favorite movies and music, and you'll enjoy the peace and quiet. Out of TOV 5 stars, I give Kidz Gears Wired and Wireless headphones 5 star perfect and it's been Valkor and mini-valkorites tested and TOV approved!