• Klegg CES 2007 Preview

What makes a team great? You gotta have a great line up of course. And new company to TOV, Klegg, has a great line up with their Genesis line and plus they have all the portable bases covered. Quite a few of their items intrigue us the most, starting with the GNM-720 and the GNM-900. Both are full fledge media players supporting both audio and video, on top of that they both have digicams (720 is 1.3mp and the 900 is 2 mp), has internal memory starting at 128 megs up to 4 gigs, but the one feature that nails it: preinstalled 8/16 bit games. What I was told by the rep Sega gave them I think 10 games, I don’t know which ones, but I am all for any thing Sega. But Val you ask, you own a PSP, why would you want to play 8/16 bit games? Because they are the most fun, you can just jump right in them without any difficult learning curve. I think we need MORE portable devices with tons of 8/16 bit games in them. What I am hoping, though I have not yet confirmed with Klegg, is that you can add more games to the device. Another item from the Genesis line would go to the GNM 357Z/V. I love them simply for the design; you’ll love them for the way they sound. They do most audio formats with a WMV for video. Not sure if it does DIVX yet, but we will find out in a future review. Lastly we have the GNM-250/650 MP4 players. Again design wise they look great! An added feature both can do E-books, but the 650 goes up a botch with preinstalled games, clock, and calendar. And Klegg has much, much more. Indeed a great line up, rich with variety. We’ll be keeping tabs on Klegg, so please watch our Tech page for upcoming reviews of their product.