• Konami Press Event 2009

Hey folks, Valkor here. This next piece, I know it’s a bit late, but still worthy of posting. I got the chance to hang out with some reps for Konami, at their office over in NYC. And what a fun time it was, albeit shorter than what I would have liked, I was able to grasp my meaty paws around some cool games.

As with all my previews, I give a quick score until we’re able to do a full-on review.

Zombie Apocalypse

Ahhhhh yes, the days of Smash TV are back again! Zombie Apocalypse follows the same format you use the two analog joysticks, one for moving and the other for shooting, just like in Smash TV, blasting your way through 55 days to survive Zombie Apocalypse, all the while saving lives and trying to get the highest score. You get 11 different weapons to choose from, and 5 unlockable modes. Hands on, the game is very easy to jump in and play, plus with the 4-player co-op/competitive mode, makes it that much more fun. The voice work is pretty funny too and the graphics shine, even when things get chaotic on screen, you can still tell who and where you are. Dare I say it? Yes I dare: This was more fun than Smash TV, and I can’t wait to get the full game, which will be available through the PSN or XBLA.

DDR Disney Grooves

A lot of you may not believe it, but yes I am a HUGE fan of the DDR series, my favorite actually being DDR 3rd mix, because that was the first DDR I’ve played and I really love the music. But now Konami has a new recipe for fun: take one DDR, add some Disney, toss in some Wii Nunchuks action, and you get… DanceDance Revolution Disney Groove. The concept is simple; you’ll dance to the tunes of some Disney songs, remixed DDR style, so you can really get your dance on. But you won’t simply get to move your feet, no you’ll add in some hand action with the nunchuks, when prompted on screen. First, who doesn’t love Disney’s music? They’re catchy, fun, and enjoyable, so why not add a little dance mix? You get 40 songs to choose from, and I believe some are original (Ice Ice Mickey? Never heard of it.) Use of the nunchuks were easy, the only thing I didn’t like was the pad, as it slipped around a lot and I ended up missing some steps, whereas I have my own thick pad at home, which doesn’t slip at all. So my hope is that there will be a third party that has or will make a thick pad for the Wii. Finally you get to bring your Mii into the mix and even dress it up in some cool Disney outfits.

Suikoden Teirkries

You know what’s messed up? The Gameboy DS is getting tons of RPGs, while my more advanced PSP sits dry. I have Final Fantasy 1 and 2, plus Crisis Core. But come on, the DS is getting games such as Suikoden Teirkries and that’s so unfair. This means I actually have to go out and buy a DS just to play this cool ass game. Bah! Anyway, ST starts you off with the last four players that ended the series 12 years ago. (Remind me to take a refresher down Suikoden lane) and its your job to resurrect the original 104 characters. That’s what I loved about the original; just so many characters to choose from. You’ll go on many quests, visit many different locales, plus you can interact online, using wi-fi, with other players by sending your other characters on quests that will be completed by other players. How this ultimately works out, well that remains to be seen. But I’ll be sure to go further indepth when I ultimately shell out for a DS just to get an RPG injection. Sony get your act together and acquire some of this action for the PSP. So dry.

I’m gonna end it there, but not without giving mention to PES 2009 and Magician’s Quests. PES 2009 is a great soccer title for the Wii, for those who are fans its worth checking out and Magician’s Quest for the DS, another RPG in vein of Harry Potter. I don’t recall getting too much hands on, because I was itchin for some Suikoden action.

This was one of the shortest Press visits I’ve ever attended, but it was definitely worth the trek just to get a sneak peek at Zombie Apocalypse and Suikoden. And with E3 just around the corner, I can’t wait to see what Konami has in store. *A-hem* More Castlevania 2-D ala Symphony of the Night?