Lake Mungo DVD Review

Hey folks, Valkor here and do I have a review for you. Straight from the land down under aka Australia, we've got a film that will definitely give you the major creeps; I'm talkin sleepin with the lights on, hidin under the covers, wish it were daylight already kinda scary. You think Paranormal Activity was scary? It's got nothing, and I mean NOTHING on the mockumentary "Lake Mungo".

Lake Mungo

"Lake Mungo" is all about the Palmer family, from the town of Ararat, and the death of their daughter Alice Palmer (Talia Zucker), who one day while on a family outing disappeared and was later found dead, drowned. But when strange things begin happening such as the house making noises and Alice suddenly popping up in videos, the family questions if Alice is really dead or is there something supernatural taking place. All roads lead to Lake Mungo where Alice went with a group of school friends and something most terrifying is uncovered. We get accounts from the mother June Palmer (Rosie Traynor), father Russell Palmer (David Pledger), her brother Matthew Palmer (Martin Sharpe), as well as accounts of friends, neighbors, police officers, a psychic, and a family who were just out and about who also happen to capture something on video. These strange occurrences not only lead to Lake Mungo, but also opens a window into Alice's life that the family was unaware of, such as a tryst with the neighbors. Intermixed with the interviews you also get grainy phone cam video, stills, and hidden video from within the Palmer's home.

Lake Mungo

Going any further than this will lose some of the creepiness this film has and believe me, it's damn creepy.

Lake Mungo

The Good:

Did I mention that this film is creepy? The chill factor in this film on a scale of 1 – 10 is a definite 11. I mean if you watch this movie and knew nothing of it, you'd swear it was real and going in I didn't expect what I expected. I thought I'd be sitting through some super cheese fest horror film, but imagine my surprise when it opens like a documentary. The style is so effective, so believable, and so real that you're soon drawn in. The acting, the effects, the overall feel of the film is so freakin good that right after the film, I turned on all the damn lights and switched on some late night adult swim, because every creak, and every shadow totally freaked me out. There are times in the film when it seems to be taking a breather from the creepiness, but the BAM! You're hit with something that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.

Look closely. See anything creepy?

The Bad:


Lake Mungo

The Ugly:

Alice's body when it's brought out the water. *cringe*

Lake Mungo

Neither Blair Witch nor Paranormal Activity ain't got nothing on Lake Mungo; this is the type of film you unsuspectedly give to your friends and wait for their reaction. It's a natural thriller that will chill you to the bone. Out of TOV 5 stars, I'm giving Lake Mungo a perfect 5 and it's been Valkor tested, TOV Approved.

Lake Mungo

Let me also make a note that the film will be a part of After Dark HorrorFest: 8 Films To Die For, Jan. 29th - Feb. 5th 2010 and it looks like it will be remade for the U.S. audience for 2011. Why anyone would want to dick ride someone's else's film, and just let the original speak for itself is beyond me. But then when doesn't hollywood copy other's works?


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