Lego Rock Band Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. I'll admit, I've not been the hugest Lego anything when it comes to video games. Not that there's anything wrong with em, they just lack the depth of a serious game I would enjoy, but the games are still solid. When it was announced that Traveller's Tale would team up with Harmonix to make Lego Rock Band, I laughed. When I wrote up the preview, I smirked but after seeing visuals, I saw what was shaping up. And when I finally got the chance to actually play the game, along with fellow TOVer Alacran, my jaw dropped as I gaped in awe at the great graphics, awesome beats, and for once I actually enjoyed the Lego customization.

To sum things up, Lego Rock Band is two great tastes that taste great together.

Lego Rock Band

If you've already played Rock Band, well Lego Rock Band follows the same concept, but takes things up a notch. Because it's a Lego game, you have the Lego motif where you can build items, customize your character, or even customize your pad by unlocking items that you get as you complete each gig (song). You start out by designing your guy with a very rich palette of designs and colors of hair styles, body, and legs. (You can even customize your roadies and such when you get them to join you). Once that's done you head out to your first gig where you and/or up to three players (4 total who will use the mic, drums, bass, or guitar) can rock out some awesome tunes from such artist as Spin Doctors, Sum41, Bryan Adams, Ray Parker Jr., The Jackson 5 and more, total 45 hit songs (And in some on screen action you will get Lego personas of the likes of Freddie Mercury or even David Bowie). Plus family-friendly songs from the original Rock Band can be ported over to Lego Rock Band. When you hit the stage, the game plays out exactly as Rock Band would, where you try to match beats as they scroll by on screen. Hit em in succession and you'll gain multipliers which will increase the amount of studs you'll get. Special glowing notes will appear when hit will go into the players Overdrive meter, which again increases your score and even give off some cool graphic effects. After you complete a song you'll receive a 5 star rating and a percentage rating of how well you did. Ultimately you'll earn studs, which you can use to purchase items and vehicles (which also unlocks more gigs), and even hire a manager, an intern, and others to help further your rockin career.

Lego Rock Band

Here's Alacran take on the game:

If you love Rock Band you will enjoy the kid friendly Lego Version. The lyrics are clean and the colors are bright. I really enjoyed doing a show for a purpose, like demolishing a building or exorcising ghosts ("I ain't afraid of no ghost"), It made the game more comical and entertaining. I have played Rock Band before and I really enjoyed the Lego twist earning "Lego studs" for outfits vehicles and customization. It's a good way to spend 6 hours and then not notice it's gettin late. Also did you know there are 62 Lego blocks for every person on the planet? Yep, while the music is loading up there's tons of little Lego trivia that is pretty interesting. Once, you have mastered the "Rock Band instrument" look in the back ground you will see some funny stuff; they hid some weird things in the background.

Lego Rock Band

The Good

First, Lego Rock band is tons of fun, and I honestly can't believe I am saying this about a Lego game. The music is what sucks you in, but the fact that if you've never touched a Rock Band game, you won't have to worry as the game comes with a "Super Easy" mode. Second the funny cinematic that you get throughout. Not just when you're playing the game, but before you do a mission. But ESPECIALLY while you're playing the game as the onscreen action is pretty wild. The controls are the same as if you were playing Rock Band, which is pretty spot on, plus you get a calibration if things seem quirky. It' a simple game, packed with tons features and fun.

Lego Rock Band

The Bad

And I don't mean bad in the bad sense; I mean this game is kick ass bad!

Lego Rock Band

The Ugly

Watchin Alacran work the guitar… not something you should see sober.

Lego Rock Band

Overall I am impressed with Lego Rock Band; it's a solid game, with great music, lots of Lego customization, and it's actually a lot of fun. Plus it's good for players of any age as the music covers a bit of everything, old and new. Out of TOV 5 stars, both myself and Alacran give Lego Rock Band 4 stars and its Valkor tested and TOV approved. (Also available for the XBOX 360, and the Nintendo DS)


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