• Lexar M2 Micro/Gaming SDHC Card Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. When I'm on the go (commute for work or hittin the friendly skies), I'm usually packin a bevy of tech items, i.e. mobile, PSP, digicam, etc to keep myself occupied when I'm on the move or when I reach my destination. And for you fellow gamers who take their gaming roadside listen up, because Lexar is back with two new items made just for you. Enter the Val-Cave Lexar's 8GB SDHC Gaming Card and the 8GB M2 Memory Stick Micro, to take your mobile gaming "To The Next Level".

Lexar Gaming Card picture

First up let's look at the SDHC, which is rather specific for use with the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DSi. This gives you all the room you'll ever need to handle all your download needs, especially if you're serious into Wiiware and downloading classic SNES games. It's great for the DSi since you'll be able to store more photos, and I mean tons more photos, plus more music and video if you're using the your DS in that manner. Additionally you can use the card with an SDHC compliant device, so you're not limited to only the DSi or Wii – you can use it with your digital camera or media player if they are compliant.

The M2 Micro Memory Stick is in the same boat, but this one is more compliant with the PSPgo rather. So now you have some breathing room on the digital download rather than using up the internal drive of the device - just store all your movies, images, and music on the M2 and you're ready to go. Additionally you can use the M2 with any Sony mobile device, plus with an adapter you can use it with your PSP.

The M2 comes in a 2, 4, or 8GB while the SDHC comes in either a 4 or 8GB. Is there really anything more that needs to be said? Sure there is!

Lexar Gaming Card picture

The Bang:

Mobile device users rejoice because Lexar's got you covered for all your gaming/mobile needs. I mean sure you can get SD cards and Micro Memory sticks from other companies, but with Lexar you're getting reliability back by a name who's been in the hard drive games for the past couple of decades. If you rely on your memory card to get you through the toughest games (saving is key), then definitely consider the M2 or the Gaming SDHC as worthy contenders.

The Slack:


Overall I'm impressed with Lexar's gaming lineup, specifically the M2 and the Gaming SDHC – you get reliability and flexibility, all from a name you can trust. Do I highly recommend them? Most definitely! And out of TOV 5 stars, I'm giving the cards a perfect score of 5 and they've been Valkor tested and TOV Approved.