• LG @ CES 2006 Preview

This year, LG kicked ass with their heavy line up of handheld mobile phones, high-definition televisions, digital monitors, and mobile accessories. This year, LG strikes big with winning the CES 2006 innovations award for their 50-inch Wireless Plasma HDTV Display (50PB2DW) in the digital display category.

Among the top arsenal in LG’s camp, they also promoted their new LG VX9800. With EVDO capability and a slide-out QWERTY keypad, the LG VX9800 combines all of LG’s latest advances and most-wanted features in a slim, lightweight handset. Experience the ultimate in mobile multimedia with the VX9800 - stream, download and play video clips with V CAST, crank up the tunes with the MP3 player and stereo speakers. Shoot pix & movies and store them on an optional MiniSD memory card. Talk about it easily and quickly, anywhere and anytime, with the QWERTY keyboard and Bluetooth® wireless technology.

When I was testing the VX9800, there were a few things that really impressed me. I was amazed at the light weight of this mobile entertainment center. A combination of cell phone, messenger, MP3 player, and with a QWERTY keypad, this all-in-one was a mere 6 ounces. A very light weight feel in your hand, as well as ergonomically efficient. You can easily place in your pocket or belt strap without it pulling down your pants.

Another major point of the VX9800 was the ease of typing on the QWERTY pad. I immediately signed on the yahoo messenger, and typing on it was a dream. It was as if I was typing on a Blackberry. The keys are designed to easily push on as you apply light pressure, and spaced enough so that you wouldn’t accidentally press on the wrong key. Now that’s a HUGE advantage.

Another great feature of the VX9800 possesses that blows the competition out the water is the miniSD option. Depending on the size of your memory card, you can hold tons of MP3’s or pictures and easily play them on your phone. Not something I’ve seen yet with any of the competition.

There are a few things, however, that hold’s back the VX9800 from being a showstopper, one of them being the MP3 playback. As Valkor notes below, as I was holding the VX9800, while playing a song, I moved, and the song skipped a few times. It’s an MP3, so I assume it shouldn’t skip, but it did. Another down note is the fact that, on top of the $300 ($200, or $100 now depending on the new contract you get) I spend for the phone; I have to shell out some more funds to get a minSD card to store stuff. This doesn’t sit well for my pockets. I was hoping for maybe a hard drive already installed, or a complimentary miniSD card. I guess this will come in the updated version.

Currently, with a new contract, the LG VX9800 will be discounted a great deal at the Verizon Wireless stores. Check out the VX9800 and other products at their website.

Valkor’s Note:

When I had a chance to listen to the MP3 capability on the VX9800, on two of the models on the floor, the music skipped as I held it in my hand. I’m not sure if this due to the heavy use of the floor models, or natural flaw of the device.

From a TOV perspective, before completely deciding on this model, check it out in person at a local Verizon Wireless store.