• National Condom Day w/ Lifestyles Condoms

Hey gang, Valkor here. Next month is Valentine's Day and for most guys it means finding a way to make that special day "extra special"; and that includes booking dinners at fancy restaurants, buying jewelry, stuffed animals, flowers and topping off the night banging the headboards. That's all well and good, but in case this Valentine’s Day involves a "casual encounter" of the sexual kind, which may include that itch you can’t scratch (ahem) or if you want to avoid 9 months dealing with a bun in the oven, then it's best to learn to wrap it up proper. And that's why February 14th isn't just Valentine’s Day but also National Condom Day.

Taken from Wikipedia (link no longer available):

National Condom Day is an internationally observed day, to build awareness about the use of the condom, a common contraceptive in safe sex practices, to prevent sexually transmitted diseases including the prevention of transmission of HIV, the virus that causes Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

Lifestyles condoms

And the idea for a "National Condom Day" is pretty genius, especially for that day in particular since most folks will be "gettin it on". And the gang over at Lifestyles (makers of condoms such as SKYN - feels like you're wearing nothing at all!) have put together an infographic in helping us dudes choose the right condom that's suitable for you, especially if you want to get the most pleasure from the eoccasion - or any occasion, whatever the occsion. It's a bit difficult to see and I made it as big as I could fit it on screen. However if you want to get a closer look, simply right-click + save and zoom in at your leisure.

Lifestyles condoms

They've also pieced together a second infographic detailing the history of condoms leading up to the SKYN. It's a fun and quite an informative piece. Plus it's easier to read than the first one (hopefully we can get that fixed).

Lifestyles condoms

February 14th is just around the corner and whatever your plans might be (whether it's going out, or spending the evening at home), make sure if you're night includes a little bedroom bam-bam, please boink responsibly - wrap it right and wrap it tight!

From the Lifestyles Press Release concerning SKYN condoms - Having revolutionized the condom aisle in 2008 with the release of SKYN, the first polyisoprene condom on the market, Ansell has recognized the demand for a range of contraceptives featuring this innovative, non-latex material.

With the introduction of SKYN Intense Feel, which features intensely deep studs in a unique wave-like pattern to stimulate sensitive areas, users will discover an even broader range of polyisoprene condoms created to fit their specific needs.

LifeStyles SKYN was the first clinically-approved polyisoprene condom, and Ansell is proud to be the only condom company in the U.S. to provide this innovative contraceptive in a range of styles and sizes. The SKYN portfolio now includes SKYN Original, SKYN Large, SKYN Extra Lubricated, SKYN Intense Feel and the SKYN Selection, a variety pack featuring the Original, Extra Lubricated and Intense Feel designs.

The next generation of condoms, SKYN was designed to give condom buyers what they desire most— comfort and sensitivity. Widely known as “the closest thing to wearing nothing,” SKYN provides greater sensation and more comfort than other non-latex and even latex condoms on the market today, as ascertained by clinical trials of the condom.