• Mediaflo CES 2007 Preview

MediaFLO in conjuction with Qualcomm and Verizon are gonna shape the way we view media on the go. Currently most cellphone companies are now offering broadband and with that of course will bring new life with streaming media. MediaFLO has stepped up to bat to offer streaming television to newer handphones so you can watch your favorite shows, on your phone, through their network. And they are not alone in this venture as several popular networks have jumped on board to lend their services. Networks such as NBC, Comedy Central, and MTV to name a few have thrown their hat into this new field. The first demo shown, according to the rep, was showing canned content, (Media prepared just for the show) to give us an idea what the technology has to offer. And that looked great until I checked out another handset showing actual live feed and I was not so much impressed. The video was ultra grainy and the frame rate was lacking. But this is only the beginning and as the technology matures and the broadband lines open up, we will see better picture quality and smoother frame rate. Keep your eyes out for this one folks. Mobile media is about to get interesting.