Ideazon Merc Gaming Keyboard Review

In using the MERC, I had to shift my position slightly in order to use the normal keys for typing, which became somewhat cumbersome after a while. The keys are normal size keys, with the arrows, page up, page down, insert, home, delete, combined with the number keys. In order to use these keys, I had to turn the number lock on and off to interchange between numbers and function. You can use the gaming keys as functional keys, but this is something that would take some time to get used to. The keys are extremely soft, which is a plus when typing. For the most part, the right side of the keyboard is pretty standard. On the left side, is where the MERC shines the most! Keep in mind, in order to use the gaming keys, you will have to download the drivers from the CD software that MERC provides, or download them from their website (No longer available).

I played a few games with the MERC, most of them online at my favorite watering hole, Gametap. As I signed on, I noticed that I had to reconfigure my keypad options in order for me to able to use the gaming console. The core gaming commands were still programmed to use its original position. It was a minor inconvenience, but something I can live with. I started off with a couple of simple 2d games like Robotron, Street fighter. Without flaw, the MERC dominated. Keys were sharp, accurate, very little delay in reaction. As I increased the complexity of the games, the MERC was able to handle the processing, performing with accuracy and ease. One of the drawbacks I found was the diagonal buttons on the MERC couldn’t work for me. As much as I tried to configure, I was not able to figure it out. I realized this when I started on a driving game, and tried to move diagonally. I ended up crashing into a wall. Oh well, there’s always restart!

Overall, I liked its basic design (nothing too distracting), soft keys, and the positioning of its gaming buttons. I literally played for hours. The only soreness I got was from my ass sitting on the chair for 4 hours. What I would like to see is the MERC board in wireless action, and perhaps better positioning of its day to day function keys. Let’s hope and pray!

The MERC is truly a keyboard for serious game players who want to dominate in PC gaming!

Krush gives the MERC gaming keyboard a 4 out of 5!