Sunflex SnakeByte MiniMote Controller Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. The folks at Sunflex have solved an issue I've had with the Nintendo Wii for some time now - by bringing together accessibility and fun to the Wii controller. Here's the thing - the SnakeByte MiniMote was meant for smaller hands, but as I soon discovered, even big paws, will have use for it too.

Snakebyte MiniMote

The MiniMote is as its name states, it's a small Wii-mote controller- no Wii plus action (there's a port for it so don't fret), just a simple controller. All the same mechanics of its big brother still apply, but now you have a more contained playing environment. The MiniMote comes with a wrist strap for all those butter fingers out there that're damaging TV's, windows, and pets. Finally the mini mote comes in two flavors – red and blue. Definitely could have used more variety, but I'm not complaining… yet.

So let's get a grip and dive right in.

Snakebyte MiniMote

The Bang:

Not for nothin but the MiniMote controller has changed my life when playing on the Wii. For starters it's much more comfortable than the standard Wii mote; you don't have that worry of knocking anything over, and all of the buttons are placed close enough together that I rarely have to think about button location before I press. Now I can just react quicker without worry of pressing the wrong button. This means my gaming speed has increased tenfold. Playing motion heavy games like Sushi Go Round, Squeeballs party, or even Fragile Dreams have never felt so right because I can now perform insane moves with ease, whereas before it used to be so clumsy.

Snakebyte MiniMote

The Slack:

Not enough colors. Red and blue? Come on, no black? Yellow? Green? Variety is the spice of life people.

The results are in and Sunflex's SnakeByte MiniMote has score top honors with the Val-Man; it's way more comfortable than the standard Wii-mote and it just feels so right. If you find the standard Wii-mote to be clumsy, then definitely give this baby a try. You won't be disappointed. And out of TOV 5 stars, I gotta give the Mini Mote a perfect 5 and it's been Valkor tested, TOV approved.