Movie Monsters/Slashers You Might Not Know... But Should

Hey gang, Valkor here. We all know about movie monsters/slashers such as Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Pinhead and the like. But there are those who're in either really bad or actually decent films, that don't get much shine. Whether good or bad, they deserve some kind of acknowledgement because they're simply too cool in their own right. So I'm here to showcase a few movie monsters/slashers you might not know about, but should.

  • Name and Film: Basetment Jack, same name.
  • M.O.: Hides in your basement until a lightning storm. Then he comes out, kills you and anyone inside, props you up like a piece of artwork
  • Why is he such a bad ass: Jack enters a police station and doesn't afraid of anything, taking out a bunch of armed cops with only a knife
  • Final Thought: While the film was full of stupid (the above scene mentioned above being one of them), the character is pretty cool... minus the dolly mouthpiece, and given a proper script I'd like to see Jack in future films.

  • Name and Film: Leonard Karlsson, XII (Twelve)
  • The Story: Karlsson was convicted for the rape (???) and murder of a minor and sentenced to jail for five years. During his stint in the slammer, it was said that the prisoners there beat him to a pulp and ripped off his face. Once he got out, he starts going after the jury who convicted him, murdering them straight out as he finds them or bringing them back to his "lair" where he rips off their faces.
  • Why is he such a bad ass: Right the the beginning, Karlsson blows this dude's head clean off his shoulders, while the guy was travelling with his new wife from Vegas. Wooooooooo! What a mess!
  • Final Thought: There's nothin like a bad ass with a chip on his shoulder and that's exactly what Karlsson is. XII is a must see film and Karlsson easily ranks as one of the best killers out there along the lines of Jason and Michael Myers. If you haven't seen XII, then do yourself a favor and queue this bad boy up.

  • Name and Film: Leonard, Mask Maker
  • M.O.: He likes to peel people's faces off and wear them. Hmmmm another Leonard who also likes faces... interdasting...
  • The Story: As a child Leonard suffered a cut that became infected; the infection progrsessed over time causing his face to deform. His mom tried to cure him by sacrificing a baby belonging to one of the locals in some sort of ritual. Mom and Leonard are killed by the locals and Leonard is buried with a ritualistic stick that is supposed to keep him in the ground. But when new homeowners, Jennifer and Evan move in, they remove the stick, which causes Leonard to rise once more.
  • Final Thought: Mask Maker was a pretty good film and hols up well even after repeat viewings. And Leonard is as equal a bad ass as Karlsson, maybe crazier because he wears the faces of his victims. The film leaves things open for a sequel and I'd be all for a Mask Maker 2.

  • Name and Film: Wormface, Rites of Spring
  • M.O.: part of a spring time ritual that involves the sacrificing of humans.
  • Why is he such a bad ass: Just look at him? The dude has a wormy face and a pair of slicers that'll cut through the toughest of human meat.
  • Final Thought:If it wasn't for Wormface, Rite of Spring would be on the bottom of my shit pile. However it barely makes it above that. But I like Wormface and if given a story that made better sense, he'd be an all-time favorite.

  • Name and Film: Bloody Devon, Devon's Ghost
  • M.O.: Likes to explode heads
  • Why is he such a bad ass: Devon killed his own parents, whom he was killed by them a year before. Ten years later, dude is pissed and he's not looking for revenge, he just has a penchant for blood.
  • Final Thought:Devon's Ghost is a cheesy bad film, but the guy who plays Devon actually does a pretty good job. This is a film you have to seek out, but when you find it bring a few friends to watch with you. Trust me, it'll up the enjoyment.

  • Name and Film: Rubber, same name
  • M.O.: Uses mental powers to explode heads
  • The Story: There isn't one. Rubber is a film about a tire that suddenly comes to life and goes on a murderous rampage.
  • Final Thought: A film... about a killer tire? I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. And if you guys haven't sen Rubber then you should definitely check it out. It's totally off the wall, but it works!

  • Name and Film: Lockjaw, Creature
  • M.O.: Part man, part gator with a bite that's worse than his bark
  • The Story: Lockjaw is part of a incestuous cult who lures travelers, mainly women, to LJ's cabin where he'll either eat them or do the nasty with them to bear this clan a child to continue the line.
  • Final Thought: Creature isn't one of my favorites, but Lockjaw makes the film an easy pill to swallow. The dude is brutal, just brutal.

There's still tons of DVDs that I have yet to go through, so I'm sure I'll be updating this list as newcomers present themselves. So until then, why not gives these films a try; some are good and some are terrible, but the creatures/slashers who terrorize in these flicks should be seen at least once. And in the comment section below, why not gives us some of your personal favorites - whether they're popular or not.


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