• Nokia N800 Internet Tablet Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. The internets has come a long ways and accessing those internets well, has really come a long way since the dial up days. Believe me I don’t miss that long screeching noise or the feeling you get when you finally, FINALLY connect. Well now with wi-fi you can have your internets anywhere and thanks to Nokia’s N800 internet tablet you can have the best of the nets, slapped in a sleek package that puts my PSP internet capabilities to shame.

For starters, the tablet looks to be about the size of a PSP only not as long. First impressions I got when people saw me using it, was that it was an I-Phone. Ha! Fooled ya! It’s not as thin as an I-Phone but it does come with a touch screen and stylus for navigation. The N800 has navigation buttons on the outside, but since the touch screen was spot on, I never once had the need to use them. You also have a headphone jack, a web camera, extra stylus, and the ability to use Skype to make calls over the nets. So how did the N800 do in Val-cave testing?

The only internet tablet type device I’ve ever used was my Sony PSP. It’s a bit cumbersome when trying to navigate and really it’s a pain with all the repetitive button pressing. But using the N800’s touch screen navigation made it very easy to navigate the net. It has an onscreen keyboard for inputting the long and short string web addresses. It’s simple and very effective. The screen is hi-res and everything looks very sharp and damn clear. Not even the smallest letters were hard to read, plus if they are you have the option to zoom in and out of areas.

Nokia N800

Getting around the net wasn’t bad, but dealing with streaming video and music well it’s a mixed bag and I don’t blame the device because it performs great even with the lowest of signal. When I popped on over to Youtube, sound quality was great but the video was kinda framey. Again I don’t blame the device because the signal I was getting ranged from 50 – 80%. Now Streaming music kicks ass! You want streaming music, with CD-quality sound? Then head on over to Slacker.com, because the N800 handles the Slacker page and its music with the sweetness. Now when your listening to your music or watching your videos, you don’t have to hold the N800, it has a kickstand in the back for resting the device while you watch or listen. Lastly you get the option for an SD card for storing music, movies, and photos for playback on the device.

You also have the option for a webcam, but I have never felt the need for to use it, but it’s there. Also you have the ability to use Skype, but I don’t have a Skype account nor do I know anyone that does. Again these options are there and are fully functional. Battery life isn’t hot, but if you wanna do some quick surfing and email, the battery will life will suffice. But for anything involving long hours, then plug that bad boy in.

Overall I gotta give the N800 4 stars and I can see such a device only getting better with each new version. No longer would I need to lug around my PSP for net surfing and using it for its major purpose and that’s gaming. But if your looking for a device that will give you full on internet surfing, without have to lug around a laptop or squinting into a PDA phone then get yourself the Nokia N800. It’s been Valkor tested and TOV approved.