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Hey folks, Valkor here, and I'm takin you into the world of DeepSilver's games and a look at their latest and hottest upcoming title "Nail'd". Nail'd is an ATV off-road arcade giving you the feel of arcade racing for the home consoles, with emphasis on speed. The game is incredibly fast; your racer will blaze through 14 stages, each filled with sick drops, twists, shortcuts, and death defying leaps that will make your knees shake. But what's key about Nail'd is not just the arcade racing but why the game is called Nail'd in the first place. Wanna add some serious bonus points? Nail a leap or nail another player! It feels damn good! But from the press release, this about sums up the game perfectly:

DeepSilver Games Nail'D

"nail'd's very existence is defined by the act of giving a giant middle finger to the laws of physics and boring realism," said Deep Silver's Jon Schutts, while practicing power chords on a guitar made of human souls. "When you've got a game like nail'd where you take every edge of your seat moment you've ever experienced and cranked it up to eleven, you need a killer soundtrack. We got the best musicians out there to help define the sound of nail'd and they literally blew us away."

I had a chance to experience the game at E3 and I must say I was really, REALLY impressed – the game looks and plays so well. I'm a huge arcade racing fan, made a point to at least spend 2 – 3 days at the local arcade absorbing some Daytona USA. And playing Nail'd brings back those old feelings while tossing in some new and crazy play mechanics. I picked up the joystick and was instantly absorbed into the game, steering my back past some serious twist and turns, leaping on top of trains and sides of mountains, plus it was blazing fast! Forget paying attention to the backdrop, unless your watching on the side. Speaking of the backdrop, there's so much to see… when you're not racing that you'll want to replay your game over and over just so you could take it all in. Since the last time I saw it, the game is shaping up to be a solid contender for your holiday dollars this year. And what will put it over the top is it's 12 player multiplayer. Oh yes, I want me some of that action! Keep your eyes glued to TOV as we'll bring you more from Nail'd as we get it, but for now feast your eyes on these screenshots and vids to whet your appetite until its release.

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