• Nero CES 2007 Preview

Oh yea talk about the best of the best! Nero is the one and only burning software I have and always will use in any of the Val-caves PC. Yea I’ve strayed a few times with the thought of maybe there was something better out there, but in the end I always came back to the one I love and I shall never stray again. Now Nero is showing the world they’re not just for burning. With Nero Ultra edition “enhanced” there is so much more you can do. Not only can you burn CDs, not only DVDs, but soon you can burn HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. On top of that you have a host of other features such as creating slideshows, capture video, and it even comes with an all in one media player. And much, much, more. The rep at the booth was showing how easy it was to created and use the additional features and that is also why I love Nero, it's because of its ease of use. Yea it looks overwhelming at first, but with Nero Smart start navigating and using Nero makes it that much easier. I'd never have Nero would have come this far. But it’s great that they have. If you already have Nero Ultra edition 7, then what I was told by the rep is that the enhanced version is a free download to registered users. If you don’t have it then by all means what are you waiting for? I’m not just blowing smoke by saying Nero is the best, but damnit they are the BEST.