• Nero Liquid TV w/ TIVO Review

Hey folks, Valkor here just to give you a quick update on the Nero Liquid TV. The version I reviewed is different from the one that will be released this October. I don't think the changes will be extreme to what I reviewed. But in case you go out, buy it and yell "Hey that Valkor is a liar!!" Well now you've been informed. Enjoy anyway as its a great pick up.

Hey folks, Valkor here with the first of three reviews from the company Nero. This first piece, I dug into as soon as it entered the Val-cave: Nero Liquid TV with TIVO. I don’t own TIVO or any sort of recording device, so this was a welcome addition to the Val-cave PC, but for my laptop hmmmm….. Good but also a bit cumbersome.

nero Liquid TV

Nero Liquid TV eliminates the need for a set top box and allows me to use my PC (or laptop) as a DVR. Installation of the software was a snap, yeah it took some time, but I don’t blame the software, more so my hardware, as it just meets the minimum requirements. Included with the software you get a TV tuner, an antennae (for when you’re on the road), and all the essential cables, and a remote control (Trust me you’ll need it). After your software is installed, you have to hook your PC to your cable box or satellite tuner. Surprisingly it’s a lot easier than I would have believed and you’ll get all the wires you’ll need to make it happen. Connecting my main PC to the TV tuner works perfectly, however connecting to my laptop is a bit messy as there are too many wires running across the cave that I don’t need. Luckily with the included antennae, I don’t need to worry about the wires, but I’m limited to just the local stations and none of the cable stations. Once everything his hooked up properly, you then move into setting up the TIVO. If you don’t already own the service, you’re given 30 days right out the box. No need for credit cards, or signing up, just click the 30 day free trial option and you’re on your way. Or if you’re serious about your TIVO, you can get a 1 year subscription.

nero Liquid TV

First setting up NLTV is really easy since all you do give a few clicks. The most time you’ll spend during this process will be when it’s downloading programming for two weeks. After that you are well on your way. Just like with the TIVO set top box you can pause, create a wishlist, record and playback live TV. Plus you can set up to record all your shows in advance, so that you’ll never miss a beat. Now here is where Nero kicks in; you can either record your shows to your hard drive, or you can record it right to DVD. That option alone gets plus points, especially if you’re a frequent traveler, because you can record your shows to DVD, pop it out and take it with you, catching up on your shows when you’re waiting for your flight, or resting up in your hotel. Don’t wanna burn it? You can export it over to your IPod, PSP, Zune, or other portable media player. For bonus points Nero Liquid TV comes with a remote control, which you don’t need at first because the menus and switching the channels can be done with the mouse and keyboard. However if you want things to be even easier (And that’s what Nero is all about) then DEFINITELY use the remote. No I insist using the remote as the keyboard/mouse combo is just too clumsy and time consuming. Navigation is a snap, and recording and pausing is a breeze.

But tell us what you really think, Val?

The Good

nero Liquid TV

Overall I am impressed with the overall ease of use with Nero Liquid TV. Honestly I’ve tried connecting my PC to my television, to create my own DVR experience, but it simply didn’t work for me. I get a hold of this Nero Liquid TV and BAM! I’m enjoying cable television with the TIVO experience and now I see what all the fuss is about. Plus the fact that I can record all my shows to DVD or move them to my PSP is an added bonus. Another feature that I am not able to try is that you can schedule your recordings online and soon you will be able to do it through your phone (I can’t wait for that day).

The Bad

nero Liquid TV

The only bad I came across, was hooking Nero Liquid TV to my laptop. Because of my set up, my laptop rest next to me where I can view the television, or I can pick it up when need to. But with the wires stretching across the room, just makes everything look messy. If your laptop is stationary, and you have a cable wire accessible or your set top box is near your stationary laptop, then by all means go this route. But otherwise, keep it within the PC range.

The Ugly


The meshing of the PC with our home entertainment center just got easier with Nero Liquid TV. It was thought that such a feat could never be accomplished, and yes I was one a naysayer. But now that I’ve witnessed first hand, the possibilities of merging the PC with home entertainment, you can color me sold on the idea and I can’t wait for the day when the two will truly merge. Till then I’m giving Nero Liquid TV 4.5 stars and it’s been Valkor tested TOV approved.

nero Liquid TV