• Neon Genesis Evangelion Nerv Wireless Charger Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. And I’m back with another fun product from Japan that geeks of the Neon Genesis Evangelion series will enjoy. Last round, I checked in with a look at some eyewear. And now we’re looking at the Nerv Wireless Charger. Not only will it look great on your desk, but it does a fairly decent job of charging up your wireless devices. Check it out.

Nerv Wireless Charger

The style of the Nerv Wireless Charger features a thin, puck-shaped design, with the Nerv logo on the top and rubber stoppers on the bottom to keep it from sliding. At the top, you have your microUSB port, which you can attach the included USB cable to either plug into a USB outlet or if you have an adapter, you can plug it into a wall outlet. For this style of charging device, I prefer plugging it into my laptop and letting it hang out on my desk because that’s where you can really show it off. However, the charger is slim enough that you can take it with you anywhere. I think a power bank is suitable if you’re commuting, but if you’re looking for a charger that you can set your device down and chill, no matter where you rest your head - with an anime spin, then this is the one.

To test out the device, I drained my Galaxy Note 9 down to 27%, leaving it to charge for an hour. And when I returned, it went up to 53%. That’s a decent charge, given that the Note 9 has a powerful battery. But let me remind you that your ride may vary (more or less from my results). Finally, when you plug in the charger it gives off a red glow. And when you place a device down on it, the color changes to a slow, pulsating blue; The effect looks pleasant, though a little eerie in the dark (not a negative).

Nerv Wireless Charger

Japan is full of uniqueness such as this. And let me just say that if you’re ever visiting and anime is life, then make sure you stop by an Animate store as you’ll find PLENTY of unique and fun anime-related items to your liking! I found the Nerv Charger at the shop in Ikebukuro and snatched it up as quickly as I saw it. Just, FYI, if you’re ever in Animate, prepare to spend a lot!

The Bang:

I’m all for checking out unique items here at TOV, and the Nerv Wireless Charger is as unique as it gets. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of the franchise, but the series has its moments where it’s just awesome... until it reaches the end. But I hear the movies are good, so I must check those out. Back to the charger, it has a sweet design, very sleek, and it does a decent job of charging your device. Plus, it looks good no matter where it lies. So, if you’re in the market for a wireless charger that’s fun but can also get the job done, all the while just looking cool? Then look no further than the Neon Genesis Evangelion Nerv Wireless Charger.

Nerv Wireless Charger

The Slack:


The Nerv Wireless Charger is available now, but not locally unless it's from an import shop. Still, I’d say it's worth seeking if it’s something that’d interest you. The geek in me loves it and I think you guys would enjoy having it around as much as I. So, out of TOV 5 stars, I’m giving the Nerv Wireless Charger a 4.5.

Nerv Wireless Charger