• Night Court Season 3 DVD Review

The legal antics of Night court are back with a complete third season in a 3 Disc set, released Feb 23 2010. This season introduces Def. Attorney Christine Sullivan, who becomes a staple in the series and, Bailiff Flo' Kliener (Florence Halop) who replaces the previous Bailiff Selma Hacker (Selma Diamond, who passed away) oddly she retires this season too. The cases appearing before the court are weird, but crew manages to make more chaos as they manage with their personal issues and the criminals they bring in for trial.

Night Court

The crew is solid line of comedians:

  • Judge Harold T. Stone (Harry Anderson) presides over "Night Court", who deals out wisdom in the middle of his jokes.
  • District Attorney Dan Fielding (John Larroquette) a sex-aholic that knew no limits to his conquest.
  • Defense Attorney Christine (Markie Post) a good looking slightly na├»ve, stubborn woman.
  • Bailiff Bull Shannon (Richard Moll) a kind hearted, quite slow officer, who is as strong as a bull.
  • Bailiff Florence Kleiner (Florence Halop) a short sarcastic charming old lady.
  • Clerk Mac Robinson (Charles Robinson) is the only consistent brother on the show who isn't in jail.
Night Court


  • S3E1: Hello, Goodbye - Air Date-26 September - Introduction of Christine and Flo'. Bull deals with Selmas death by getting drunk with circus folk and Harry is interviewing for a new bailiff.
  • S3E2: The Hostage - Air Date-3 October A man claiming he is from Saturn is brought in on theft charges, gets loose and holds Dan hostage, making demands for more parts for his phone home machine.
  • S3E3: Dad's First Date - Air Date-17 October Christine's dad goes out on a date for the first time in 8yrs and gets busted for Solicitation. Mean tenants from a clothing optional co-op are protesting Harrys rulling, in his office.
  • S3E4: Mac and Quon Le: No Reservations - Air Date-24 October Mac and Quon Le are buying a restaurant, which his grandfather is going to put down the down payment, Mac never told his Grandpa about his wife. Turns out Grandpa has a big problem with Quon Le being asian.
  • Night Court

  • S3E5: Halloween, Too Air Date-31 October Its Halloween and Harry falls for a beautiful woman.
  • S3E6: Best of Friends - Air Date-7 November
  • S3E7: Dan's Boss - Air Date-14 November
  • S3E8: Up on the Roof - Air Date-28 November
  • S3E9: Wheels of Justice: Part 1 - Air Date-5 December
  • S3E10: Wheels of Justice: Part 2 - Air Date-12 December
  • S3E11: Walk Away, Renee - Air Date-19 December
Night Court


  • S3E12: Dan's Escort - Air Date-9 January
  • S3E13: The Night Off - Air Date-16 January
  • S3E14: Harry and Leon - Air Date-23 January
  • S3E15: The Apartment - Air Date-30 January
  • S3E16: Leon, We Hardly Knew Ye - Air Date-6 February
  • S3E17: The Mugger - Air Date-20 February
  • S3E18: Could This Be Magic? - Air Date-27 February
  • S3E19: Monkey Business - Air Date-6 March
  • S3E20: Flo's Retirement - Air Date-13 March
  • S3E21: Hurricane: Part 1 - Air Date-1 May
  • S3E22: Hurricane: Part 2 - Air Date-8 May

The Good:

A great watch, funny as hell, you can't repeat that type of comedy magic for a half hour series. It's from the eighties and it's still funny as hell. The video and Audio are pretty good for a TV show made DVD. This petty crime court is brought back to life with 22 episodes (Originally aired in 1985), all about 22min. long.

Night Court

The Bad:

No blooper reel, I would have loved to see all the behind the scenes screw ups of this season.

Night Court

The Ugly:

Christine's She-mullet.

The End:

If you were around in the eighties, Night court was funny as hell. I remember the show and anyone who I have spoken to about it has a favorite moment. It aired on Fox from '84 to '92, had a solid cast of characters, some which became famous stars. I hope their isn't a big gap before the next season is release, I cant wait till season 4. I give this a TOV 5 out of 5 because the freaks really do come out at night and they all ended up, in Manhattan's Night Court.