Valkor on Sony's UMDs

Hey folks, Valkor here. So I’m at my local Best Buy, just hunting down some games for my Sony PSP. Right now there’s some nice game-age out there, but not enough that I wanna plop down 40 – 50 bucks to own, because what I really want are some hard core RPG’s. But hey there are some action titles on the shelf that look interesting. So as I peruse the store further I come across some UMD (Sony PSP propriety disc that play only on Sony’s PSPs) movie titles and they have some decent titles out there too that I would love to pick up and take on the go. But *Screeeeech!!* What’s this??? 30 dollars!!!! Are you kidding me?? It cost 20 – 30 dollars for a freakin UMD movie??? This tiny disc cost that much? Oh and it gets better: people were actually buying these things. People… Paying… BIG MONEY… for these little discs. Paying the same and in some cases MORE for a movie that they can get on a full version DVD, with loads of extras on the side.

People are paying 30 bucks for a single movie with no extras!!! Has this world gone completely mad?????

The PSP is a freakin godsend when it comes to gaming, I also love how it handles music, and the fact that I can slap some of my favorite photos on the device: SWEET! When it comes to movies, I am of the downloading variety or I will encode the movies I already own to slap on a 1 gig mem card. But why oh heavens why are we paying 30 dollars for a UMD???

Much like my rant with the Ipod, movies on the go are no big deal before or even after the PSP. But if you add in the fact that you can have top notch gaming, music, pictures, internet and yes even movies all at your fingertips with one small device; that alone makes the whole thing worthwhile. But actually paying 30 bucks, for a movie? Come on!!! Save your money for more gaming, save it for anything, but don’t support this travesty.

And you know what also kills me? I read these PSP articles on the ‘net about how Sony should have put in a TV-Out option so people can play their PSP games and UMD movies on their televisions. WHY? It’s a PORTABLE device, meant to be taken on the road. You see that commercial with the two squirrels talking about the nut they can play with outside? THAT’S THE POINT!! If you want to play your PSP on the big-screen, then why not just play your PS2, XBOX, or GameCube, which were made FOR THE BIG SCREEN? And with movies, why would you want to watch a compressed version of a film which was meant specifically for that device on your 27” and up TV and when for half the price you can get the same film MEANT to be watched on your Television. It kills me I tells ya, kills me to no end.

Honestly, I would have thought that the UMD market would be moot. Wait let me rephrase that, when I saw what the cost of one these discs went for, I would have thought the UMD market would have fallen through the fall; crash and burn. I would have thought: who in their right mind would pay 20 – 30 dollars for these tiny movie discs, when either right in the next aisle or a few aisles over you can get a full fledge disc for about the same amount or less? Think about it, you can buy the movie for 15 – 20 bucks and then encode it yourself to play on the PSP. Will it take a little time and a little patience? Yea it does! But the ends justify the means. Hey and if your feeling really over zealous you can even download the movies (But we here at TOV do not in anyway condone this sort of action. No sir, we certainly don’t). And if you’re the type not wishing to learn a new skill such as video encoding, then my friend you needs to get off yer high horse and get to learning because that’s what life is all about: Learning. Now if only people would learn not to buy UMD’s for the high prices they are, the world would be a happier place. Well not really, but it’s a start.


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