NXE COLORSLIDER case for iPhone 4 Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. When I finally stepped into the world of smartphones with the iPhone 3G, I was faced with two common questions from iphone owners: 1) What kind of apps are you using and 2) what kind of case did you buy. I didn't think owning a case for my device held any meaning, but obviously its an important topic of discussion amongst iPhone users. Apps-wise, I'm keepin it productive, but case-wise, I'm going simple. And while I haven't stepped up to the iPhone 4 yet (and I will eventually), It's nice to know that a company such as NXE has me covered and is ready to give my phone a unique look on the daily with the NXE COLORSLIDER iphone 4 Case.

NXE COLORSLIDER iphone 4 case

Now what is the COLORSLIDER and how does it separate itself from the pack of the many mobile phone covers out there? For one, the COLORSLIDER comes with 27 individual pieces (slides), not including the top and bottom base, (and a nifty case to carry them all) that allows you to slide a piece onto the phone that connects with a top and bottom piece. From there you have 27 individual colors to choose from that you can mix and match to make any number of color combination you so choose. Feeling kinda moody? Go dark! Feeling cheery? Brighten it up! Mix and match however you choose with a total of 17,000 different color combinations. Have a favorite team (football, baseball, soccor, etc), or you just wanna show pride for your country? It's all possible with the COLORSLIDER.

But Val, how were you able to review the case and yet you admit to owning the iPhone 3G? The answer is simple: I let others pony up their iPhone 4s for a chance at a free case. And I was actually surprised by their reactions and my own. So let's dip into the TOV Breakdown to see how well the COLORSLIDER faired!

The Bang:

First off, my biggest fear with the COLORSLIDER was that it would actually be too loose fitting and "slide" off the phone at any given moment – either during retrieval, or merely holding it in my hand. Imagine my surprise when I saw how snuggly fit the case was once all the pieces were in place. None of the parts felt loose at all, in fact it felt like a solid case. Great job! Next up the variety of colors you get to mix and match are nearly endless – watching my coworkers scatter all the pieces on the table, sort through em all, and then piece together a case of the colors they like was like watching kids play with Legos; which was actually a lot of fun. It was also suggested that one could place stickers or markings onto the slides going even further in the customization process. That's pretty impressive stuff!

NXE COLORSLIDER iphone 4 case

The Slack:

I was a bit skittish at first when I found placing the sliders on the phone to be a bit "too snug", with a fear that I might scratch up someone elses phone. My fears were set aside when all the pieces fit into place, but that initial fear? Yipes! Also, currently the color palate is limited and it would great to see funky designs to play with like zebra stripes, polka dots, tie-dye designs, etc; I'm not hating on the initial offering, but I do hope to see more in the future.

NXE COLORSLIDER iphone 4 case

NXE, you're COLORSLIDER case is a definite win in my book and you've made two people quite pleased with their new cases. The COLORSLIDER is an excellent case made for those who enjoy changing things up a bit. I personally hope to see more designs in the future, but until that time out of TOV 5 stars, I give the NXE COLORSLIDER a 4.5 and it's been Valkor tested, TOV Approved!

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