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Hey folks, Valkor here. And I welcome you to TOV's "30 in 30", where I'll review 30 unique film and maybe some not so unique, all in 30 days. What's cool for most of the flicks, is that I know nothing about em. So this should be a real treat not just for you guys, but for me as well. Good or bad, this is gonna be a fun month. It all starts today July the 4th and ends on Aug the 3rd. Can I make it through? We'll know soon enough!

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For number 21, I find, this will probably be the shortest but most profound review that I've ever written and if you don't take it upon yourself to watch this movie; you would be doing yourself a terrible disservice because "Oldboy" is quite possibly one of the greatest films I've ever laid eyes on. And I can assure you that since watching it oh so many moons ago (and even to this day), it will literally rock your world. You thought you knew evil? Think again!

Oldboy Movie

Oldboy starts out inside a Korean jailhouse where Oh-Daesu is putting on quite a show. His brother/friend comes to his aid bailing him out, but during a phone call to his daughter, Oh-Daesu vanishes without a trace. Turns out he's being held against his will and stays locked up in this prison of sorts - for 15 years! During that time he's fed, he bulks up, writes a diary of those who might be against him, is gassed and put through some sort of hypnosis. After the 15 years are up, he's released, given clothes, money, and a goal: find the ones who locked him up and get some serious payback. His captor reveals himself… sorta and tells him he has 5 days to find him… or else.

Oldboy Movie

And that's all that needs to be said because anything else will ruin the experience. But I will add that the film is based off of a japanese manga of the same name. I haven't read it yet, but I think I might have to check it out!

Oldboy Movie

The Good:

Oldboy is fucking awesome! I've never seen a film quite like it! In my first viewing of the film, I was a bit bored because the pacing was slow and I'll be honest, I started nodding off until about mid way. But I persevered and was greatly rewarded for sticking it out! Yu Ji-Tae plays Woo-jin Lee, who is quite possibility one of the baddest, ruthless, evilest, most fucked up characters ever to be created. I'm talkin evil, BEYOND evil! To put Oh Daesu through such extremes, for that sort of revenge? WOW!!!!! Min-sik Choi gives cool a new name as well playing the part of Oh-Daesu to perfection and it shows! He also shows off some serious stamina in one scene where he kicks ass through a long hallway for about ten minutes with no cuts! Bad ass!

Oldboy Movie

The Bad:

Steven Spielberg and Wil Smith are possibly looking to adapt this film for the U.S. Watch the original and you tell me IF THESE TWO GUYS IN PARTICULAR, are up to the task of remaking this film!

Oldboy Movie

The Ugly:

There's a scene where Oh-Daesu eats a live octopus. Now this grossed out many a folks and when anyone talks about Oldboy they wanna make mention of that scene. While it is truly disgusting, it's not as gross as I thought it would be. But still gross nonetheless.

Oldboy Movie

Let me also add that I love this film so much, I've personally gone out and purchased copies for friends (2D-X's JayDub can attest to that) and I've even loaned my own copy so that I can spread the coolness of this film as far and wide as I can. I can't and won't say anything more about Oldboy; just head to your local video store (if you have one), add this to your Netflix que, or borrow it from a friend, but do not deny yourself the sheer awesomeness that is Oldboy; you won't regret it! And out of TOV 5 stars, I'm giving Oldboy 5 stars across the board! Valkor tested and TOV Approved? You're damn right it is!!

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