• Otterbox CES 2007 Preview

Hey folks, Valkor here with one more CES related item to discuss and I swear that will be all. No, no I can't promise that. But I will promise that with this next company your laptop, PDA, and even your IPOD will be safe and secure in the confines of these durable cases.

The company is called Otterbox and it looks like they have been around for some time now, going back since 1996. While I don't know too much about them I will say they have an impressive array of protective gear for your electronics. Not only that, but with IPODS and Treos, you still get the functionality of your product without being hindered by the case. So you can do your business or scroll through your music with no problem, while having the comfort that if it drops, you're still able to continue no problem. Straight from their press release, here is a list of their newest products:

" OtterBox 1920 Treo Case: the first rugged, fully interactive, protective case for Palm® Treo™ 650, 700w and 700p models. Case seals device from elements while providing access to keypad, touch screen, volume and program buttons, saving customers hundreds from replacing or repairing damaged devices.

" OtterBox for iPod nano 2nd generation: rugged protection for 2nd generation iPod nano (color screen), completely interactive and waterproof! Take iPod nanos running, biking, to the beach, even swimming without damaging the device!

" OtterBox 1930 & 1940 Blackberry Cases: The OtterBox 1930 rugged case accommodates Research In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry® 8700c and 8700g models and the OtterBox 1940 accommodates 7200 series models. Case allows users to access phone and functions through the case.

Now my personal favorite is the laptop cases and I am sure most will agree, when you're a frequent traveler you need a sturdy case to protect your wares from all the bumping and banging your bag goes through. Plus I love the style, makes you feel almost like some kind of top secret operative.

Lastly, included with the press kit was Otterbox's own, Otterbox 1000 case, which is one handy case for keeping small items such as keys, cards, and other small items. For all you card gamers out there, consider getting an Otterbox case to protect your cards at your next match up. The case itself is pretty secure, plus you can strap it to your waist and it will look damn cool.

Overall I have to say I am impressed with the Otterbox lineup of protective cases. They definitely have the goods, to keep your goods safe and sound. Interested? Click the Otterbox logo to find out more about their products and pick up a lil somethin for yourself. Otterbox has been Valkor tested and TOV approved.