Pepcom 2009 Tech Event

Hey folks, Valkor here. Sorry for the delay on this, but with things happenin around TOV, it’s easily to get distracted. Plus now that I’m head honcho, my duties have increased, and rightly so. But hey Pepcom was last week and it was my first time attending such an event. Much like CES Unveiled or Showstopper, Pepcom is a showcase of some of the latest gadgets, surround by great food, great drink, and great fun. This was more crowded than Sleigh Ride 09, and more fun because of the abundance of vendors about. Needless to say I had a great time and I look forward to attending future events, but until then let’s check out some gadgets.

Sony – Ok this will be quick, because I previewed them in Sleigh Ride. But this time I was actually able to play games on the PSPgo. Only game playing at the time was Rock Band, which was pretty sweet. It looks great and plays pretty well too, but I wanna see how it does with action titles. Plus what sorta device will they use to transport UMD games to the PSPgo? As we get closer to the release we’ll find out more and what to expect on day 1.

Logitech – A regular around these TOV parts, the folks at Logitech were showin off some kick ass video software called Logitech Vid, which is supposed to make making web calls so easy, even a child could use it. And since kids can use PCs as soon as they come out the box, I’d say this is for the adults who are not familiar with the workings of a PC. They also showed off some great decorative mini mice, the one below I took a personal likin too. Finally they had some cool guitar for you Guitar Hero/ Rock Band fanatics who really wanna rock out! These babies feel as though you’re holding the real thing. Yea I gotta start playing Guitar Hero.

GE – You know when if someone would have told me that one day GE would make digicams, I would have smacked them in the face with a wet fish… twice! Makers of such appliances as refrigerators and washing machines have stepped up their game and started producing damn good looking digicams. First up is the A950 9mp or the 1050 10mp digicam. Then you have the E1250/1255 12MP, and finally the J1050 10MP digicam. All their cams come packed with similar features such as scene detection, Pan Capture panorama, and blink and smile detection to name a few. We’ll definitely be covering more GE in the future, so definitely stay tuned.

Jakks Pacific – We covered these guys a few times, once at CES 2008 and also at the DigitalLife pre-show. Always fun hangin with this group they were showin off some cool toys, specifically some sweet night vision goggles called EyeClops Night Vision (or as I’d like to call em – NightClops). If only they had zoom, it would make looking LDTS* at night more fun. Also on hand was the Star Wars Clone Wars motion controller. If you like motion control on the Wii then you’ll get a kick out of this controller. Still a bit rough around the edges, but it does have some intense moments. Finally on hand was a mini projector you can plug your Ipod or media player into, projecting a decent image on the wall. To me this is better than the Optoma mini projector and comes close to Wowwee’s Cinemin projector.

Fujitsu – If you’re familiar with “The Neat” company, makers of a portable scanner, which was originally used for scanner receipts and storing their data making it easier to build an expense report, but now they’re into business cards and documents. Well now Fujitsu has entered the field of play with their version of the scanner and by far it’s faster and looks better in terms of image quality than Neat’s devices. Plus the scanners auto-detects color or black and white so you don’t have to select which to use. Although Neat’s scanner is smaller and more travel worthy, Fujitsu’s is compact enough for travel and again it is a much faster than Neat’s.

Vizio – America’s number one TV maker was showin off some serious powers that impressed everyone as they walked by. Their 240 Hz and 120 Hz TV’s were crazy impressive with an improved “Smooth Motion” so there’s less jerkiness. Also on hand was their first Blu Ray player. All I have are images, but at 188, who’s gonna pass that up?

Kyocera – I’ve visited Kyocera before at past events, but never covered because TOV had not matured enough to cover cellphones. Well that was then, and under new management we are stepping up our game; and so is Kyocera with their Neo E1100. This baby looks very sleek with its chrome shell, which has an OLED display. At first glance when the rep showed it off, I thought the numbers were “Transformer” text in honor of the new film, that’s how cool it looks. It sports a 1.3 MP digicam and a host of other features. But for the ladies you may wanna try the Laylo M1400 with its discreet mirror, for those fast touch ups when needed. Guys can use it to, to catch the tail end of a hottie who just passed by *grrrr-rowl*. What’s cool about the Laylo is that it has a large display and a large slide out keypad; perfect for these paws I call hands.

Toshiba – The Val-Cave laptop is powered by a Toshiba Tecra, and believe me its fast and very powerful. But the Qosimo has always been an interest since I first saw it at past CES. Well the Qosimo X305 seriously drew my attention; mostly with its fiery outer shell, but the specs are nothin to slouch at as it’s a serious and powerful gaming machine. If we’re able to get one for Val-cave testing you better believe I will run it ragged baby.. yea…

Wi-Ex – I will openly admit I’m an AT&T user. I wasn’t always ashamed to admit this when they were changed to Cingular, because I never had a connection problem. But now That they’re back as AT&T it would seem my problems have risen once again. I can be in my home and in a 3G zone, I take a step and BOOM! I’m in the E or no connection at all. It sucks royal because I need my cellphone more so at home than I do when I’m away. Enter Wi-Ex and their Zboost signal booster. This takes the signal that’s coming into your home and boosts it so that you can use your mobile phone without having to stand in awkward stances just to maintain a connection indoors. Keep your eyes on TOV for more on Wi-Ex, they have an interesting product that looks to be a hit with the Val-Man and very soon… the world… muahahaha.

There were tons of companies on hand and if I missed anyone, I do apologize. It was a crazy, wild, and entertaining event that I enjoyed immensely. I look forward to covering the products mentioned and even those who I have not mentioned are still welcome to have their products put under the Val-Cave microscope. Do you feel lucky? Well? Do you?