• PQI CES 2007 Preview

Hey PQI! A BIG TOV favorite and always fun to stop by their booth. Normally PQI has out the MPACK PMP showing its stuff on a HI-Def TV. This year however everything was behind glass and nothing was running. But just being able to check out PQI’s gear was enough for me, because I’ve already seen their stuff in action so I can attest to their greatness. The review for the MPack 600/800 can be found here. [HERE] and we did a quick hit on the mPack 600 here [HERE]. Both play a wide variety of media including Divx, WMV, Mpegs, MP3s, and pictures. But what makes the mPack units stand out among the rest is the fact that it does HI-DEF and 5.1 Dolby digital sound. There are not too many companies that produce PMPs can make that claim. I have not however seen their latest entry: the mTrix. I was told this unit was already on the market, but I haven't seen it so its new to me. This PMP mini has a clamshell design, comes in an assortment of colors, plays music, movies, does pictures, and works with SD and MMC cards. At the time of my visit the mTrix was not working, but I do hope to get a full on review unit in the coming months. Forget Ipod Video, forget Creative Vision M, forget Archos, PQI has the best and most unique media player out on the market. Check it out one time won't you?