• PerfectView @ Pax East 2010

Hey folks, Valkor here, just finishing up PAX East 2010 where gamers from all over converge onto the Boston area, to partake on some serious gaming. And what event, gaming or otherwise, would it be without checkin out some hotness. Last PerfectView event drew 'em in droves and I think, with the amount of cuties I've digitally captured, well... it just might surpass it. Check it out, it's PerfectView @ Pax East 2010 and here's what's hot. Additional pics provided by ChrisG of 2D-X (site no longer available) as well as Editor of The Phoblographer.com. Enjoy!

From ChrisG: The photos were taken by Chris Gampat and are under his copyright. Additionally, if you'd like to contact him about using them or for your website, please email me at chrisgampat@gmail.com (Pics are: 10, 9, 6, 5, 1) all others you can use at your discretion, just don't link 'em directly.

10)Skate 3 Babes - I'd do a double ollie, half-pipe twist with an headstand kick just to get next to these cuties. What a way to start a PerfectView eh?

9) 2K Games - The one on the left looks like she did something very, very naughty.... you naughty, naughty girl. I'll take em both with a side of red velvet cake.

8) Tritton - If only I were a little taller and that top was a lot looser, either way this hottie is worthy of a place on my PerfectView Wall.

7) Cosplay Cutie #1 - Umbrella Soldier from Resident Evil - I had to tell my soldier to "stand down" when next to her. He didn't and I got the sexiest beating in my life.

6) Cosplay Cutie #2 - This hottie from the far east makes me wanna head to her far south... if you know what I mean... and I think you do.

5) Cosplay Cutie #3 - This triple-cutie threat wowed the pants off the Val-Man... then we was arrested for indecent exposure... But would I do it again?

4) Ubisoft - She can put Val in one hand, red velvet cake in the other, smoosh em together on her body and she'll come up with something that makes absolutely no sense. But damn she's easy on the eyes.

3) Cosplay Cutie #4 - If you've played some Street Fighter, then I don't need to tell you who she is supposed to be. But I will tell you that yes... yes I would do everything to her in that costume.

2) The socks's the thing - I forget which booth she worked, but I couldn't forget the overall package - those socks, those shorts, that smile... grrrrr........

1) Cosplay Cutie #5 and PAX East PerfectView - You want a showstopper? You got it! Nothing else can be said about The Black Widow (at least I think she's the Black Widow) other than this hottie embiggens everything about the character and then some. I'm amazed by the curves, I'm floored by the hips, and that red hair is ravashing!! Feast you eyes and behold her greatness.

Pax East has come and gone, but the fun will not be forgotten. Next up will be NAB 2010, though I'm not expecting any hotness, be prepared, you never know. Let the hate/love begin in the comment section below.