• PerfectView @ CES 2008

Hey folks, Valkor here and what's a CES report without some honeys to check out. I apologize for the quality of pics, I promise i'll make it up next event, but until then take a look at some prime booth babes that graced the showroom floor. First up is a cutie handing out music Cd's over at the Eclipse booth. I'm not really an auto guy, but I do loves me some female skin.

Still in the auto section of North Hall, it's where I ran into this dynamic duo. Looks like they're with the company called Stanley. But honestly, does it really matter?

Xias also had a prime bevvy of beauties over at their booth. Funny story, they were heading out flyers to hang with Sean Kingston and both were suprised I knew who he was. I reminded them just what sorta crowd their dealin with. But hey ladies anytime ya wanna party, give me a ring.

Last but not least we have a hottie from Showstoppers, who was rockin out on the Guitar Hero "Air Guitar". The way she was swaying those hips, I got somethin else for her to rock on. She definitely gets Best Babe of Show.