• Pink Visual PV Locker

Hey folks, Valkor here. CES 2012 is little more than a month away, and my bod is prepped for the walking, networking, meetings, and above all else, the parties that're gonna take place. One event in particular relates to this PerfectView piece I'm about to show you. The event is the "Pink Visual Pron Party", which is happening at the Venetian on January 10th. And I must say I'm looking forward to the event, mainly because Lexi Belle (from Batman XXX: A Porn Parody… among other films) will be in attendance… and I'm such a fan. But how is all that related to this piece? Well if you're like me and you wanna enjoy more of Lexi Belle's finest works without leaving a DVD/Digital trail, then you'll want to look into Pink Visual's "PV Locker".

Pink Visual Pron Party

The PV Locker is a cloud storage service that allows you to purchase vids from the site and store them in your own private locker that you can later stream through most devices such as a desktop, laptop, Smartphone, or tablet and fap to at your leisure, without loading up your hard drive. Signing up is easy and once you do, you'll have access to quite an array adult vids for you to peruse. Choose the "Niches" option and pick your personal fetish – Asian, MILF, interracial, gang bang, etc, or simply click on "Porn Stars" and choose from some of your favorite stars or up and cummers. Wanna take it to another level? PV Locker allows you to upload some of your vids from your own digital stash (for a modest fee) and store them alongside your purchases that you can also stream. No more having to hide your DVDs, no longer will you have to create "secret folders" so your girlfriend/wife (or both) won't find out. Now you can watch what you want, when you want, on a number of devices.

Vids, for the most part, have a runtime of up to 30 minutes (that's the most I've seen on my perusal of the site), and you can preview a vid before you buy with prices starting as low as 2.99 up to 4.99, all billed to you discreetly. Now let's have some fun in the TOV Breakdown:

Pink Visual PV Locker

Please note: visiting the PV Locker website – Not Safe For Work. Just a heads up

The "Bang":

The idea of storing your adult vids in "the cloud" to stream at any given time, no matter where you are (so long as you have net access) is genius! The PV Locker is very easy to navigate with plenty of vids to choose from, catering to all kinds of fetishes. Big thumbs up to the fact that one can upload their own vids to their locker, which was something I was curious about going in; the most reasonable package is priced at $5 bucks for 50 GB of data and 20 hours of streaming. Honestly? Not bad at all! The mobile site is also very slick, very simple and again, very easy to navigate and it looks great on a handheld device.

Pink Visual PV Locker

The "Limp":

If you're a porn fiend, things could get pretty expensive; sure the prices of the vids are low, but those numbers add up once you get started. So if you have the cash, go for it - it's like a buffet in there! And while I like the idea of storing vids in the cloud for later streaming, I can't help but think that there are easier ways to tuck away your vids such as storing them on SD and flash drives. Now the downside to that is keeping track, so if you're the type of person that easily misplaces things, then definitely look into cloud storage.

The Money Shot:

Where was this technology in my teen years? Oh man the time we live in is somethin kinda special where a man (or woman) can gain access to just about anything at the click of a mouse button. And the folks at Pink Visuals have opened up the pearly gates of coolness with the PV Locker, making it possible to enjoy adult entertainment when we want, wherever we want… except… you know, pick your spots. I mean watching this stuff at work, waiting in line at a grocery store, or at a job interview where you're waiting to be called... yea… don't do it. And out of TOV 5 stars, I'll go ahead and score this one a 4.

Pink Visual PV Locker