• Rambo Blu-Ray Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. And welcome to our first review in the BluView section. The is the spot where we'll be reviewing Blu-Ray discs both current and upcoming. And what a treat that the first Blu review goes to "Rambo" the fourth film in the John Rambo series. And as explosive as it was in the theaters, it's even more awesome with the home version Blu-Ray.

The Film

The story revolves around John Rambo, who is now living his days in the country of Burma. He agrees to help a bunch of missionaries who wanna help the Burmese people but he gets caught up in their struggle. And it's up to Rambo and a group of Mercs to save the survivors. You can't get any more straightforward than that and it works perfectly. We know about Rambo and his entire back story from the previous films, so there's no need for a recap. But if you need a recap then definitely pick up the first 3 films - especially First Blood part II, which is my personal favorite. And for my full review of the film, click the pic below, then your back button to continue with the Blu-Ray review.



With the audio, you're given the option of English 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio or a French 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio. However, my system is 2.1 so I had no qualms. Effects were beautiful, gunshots, and explosions were all around me and the vocals came across clear as a bell. The video is presented 16x9, 2:40:1 ratio, with a full 1080p picture that is crisp and crystal clear. I thought I recall the film being a bit grainier in the theaters, but with the BD, there is no grain or artifacts. The greens are definitely greener than I remember, which is not a bad thing, and the explosions are a sight to behold. Also, I noticed that the blood spurts were less CGI-esque than I previously remember though you can obviously tell its animated blood spurts.

The Extras


Disc One:

On the first disc, you have the film and audio commentary with director and star of the film, Sylvester Stallone; honestly, he should have done it with other folks who were involved with the making of the film as there is just too much pause and it would have been more entertaining with other people around. However listening to Sly talk about the film and how it's not just a Rambo, fantasy fragfest, but that it's also based on something that's actually happening in the world is truly enlightening. I, not being a big commentary fan, would suggest you guys give it a listen. Next, you get a BonusView commentary, which one-ups the standard commentary track by adding footage from the making of the film, a look at the actors, even watch as Sly does his commentary along with the film. So if you like a little extra video with your commentary then definitely go with the BonusView. You get Featurettes such as "Heroes Welcome: Release and Reaction", which goes into the premiere of the film in Las Vegas and the reaction of those involved with the film - not just their reaction but it shows how their friends and family react as well. "The Weaponry of Rambo" is as the name suggest, which gives you a look at the weapons used in the film. For instance, the knife used to kill the captain at the end was a knife Sly actually forged. Who knew? Finally, you get trailers and a Molog feature, which to me is a silly waste of time.

Let me go into the MoLog just a bit; MoLog is basically software that allows you to add pics, text, animation, and such in sync with the actual film. I guess if done right you can create a new movie experience, but to me, it's a waste of time.


Disc Two

Disc two contains the digital copy of the film, which you can transfer over to your PC, IPOD, PSP, or other compatible portable movie device. It's nifty for those who would like to take their filmage on the go.

Rambo BD was a fun experience and it's definitely a great pick up to start or add to your Blu-Ray collection. It's a damn good film with a modest amount of extras that will entertain long after the film is over. My original score was 4 out of 5 stars, but I'm gonna bump up the Rambo BD to 4.5 stars. And it's been Valkor tested and TOV approved.