Rosewill Shine RDCB-11001 DSLR Camera and 15.6" Notebook Backpack Review

Hey folks, Valkor here, back with a post CES 2012 review. Up to bat are the folks at Rosewill; first time ever meeting with them, but they've been in the biz for quite some time with over 1000 products under their belt. Their first product in the Val-Cave actually impressed me before I even made it back to Jersey. This one goes out to all you photogs out there; it's Rosewill Shine DSLR Camera and Notebook Backpack.

Rosewill Shine Camera and Latop Bag

On the outset the Rosewill Shine has a very boxy look, a very simple design. But as you dig a little deeper you'll see there's more to this bag than meets the eye. At the top you have a strong rubber handle and moving towards the front you have cushioned straps that hold at the waist as well as the shoulders, with a small pouch attached on the left shoulder strap for carry small items like extra memory cards or flash drives. Moving back up to the top pouch, we have space that's large enough to hold a camera with lens attached or a variety of items if you so choose.

Quick pause, a member of the Rosewill team actually squeezed my winter coat into this small pocket. Mind you my coat drapes this camera bag easily, so my thinking was "there's just no way you're gonna get that in there". Well I'll be damned if he did. And kudos to you sir for proving me wrong.

Rosewill Shine Camera and Latop Bag

Checking back in, inside the upper pouch you have two small pockets and on the top flap you have a zip pouch, which inside you have four tiny pockets (this bag has a lot of tiny pockets). Next we move onto the main compartment for storing your camera, lenses and accessories. The dividers inside are customizable using Velcro so you can rearrange the area depending on your need. Or take them out completely and the Shine makes for the perfect travel bag. To finish out the camera portion of the bag, either the left or the ride side open up giving you full access to the contents of the bag.

Rosewill Shine Camera and Latop Bag

So where does the "laptop" portion of the bag fit in? Just behind the main compartment is a cushioned area that will hold a laptop of up to 15.6". Finally, the backpack comes with a rain cover (included within the main compartment flap), which I find to be a much needed accessory that no bag I've reviewed has included this item.

The Rosewill Shine Camera bag is the type of bag that's perfect for beginner to novice photographers, but the pros can also find use for this sort of bag as it can hold quite a bit of equipment without getting lost within the bag much like the Tenba Daypack. But the Daypack makes for a great pro bag.

Rosewill Shine Camera and Latop Bag

So after cramming my coat, laptop, camera, and a variety of objects within the confines of the Rosewill backpack, just how well did it fare? Let's check it out in the TOV Breakdown.

The Bang:

The Rosewill has a knack for containment and is the perfect addition to any photographer's repertoire. Not only can it handle maximum stuffing, the Rosewill BP keeps its sexy, boxish figure as if there's nothing inside. Speaking of its insides, the backpack area is very spacious and if you need additional room – just remove the dividers. And while it doesn't have tons of pockets that you can get lost in like the Tenba Daypack, there's still enough to handle your storage needs. On top of that, once the bag is fully packed, it will remain upright once you place it down so you won't have to worry about leaning it against anything. And I gotta give plus points to the added rain cover, which I didn't realize was there until I started sifting in and around the bag. It's perfect for when you're heading out in ridiculous weather and you need to protect your gear. Durable, spacious, simple design and fully functional, yea those are the words I'd use to describe the Rosewill backpack.

Rosewill Shine Camera and Latop Bag

The Slack:


Rosewill Shine Camera and Latop Bag

To the folks at Rosewill, I have to say you've definitely put together an excellent DSLR camera and laptop bag with the Rosewill Shine. It's quite sturdy, lightweight, very functional, and makes for the perfect bag for beginner to mid-level photographers or anyone looking for a nifty travel bag. And out of TOV 5 stars, I'm giving Rosewill's first Val-Cave outing a 5 and it's been Valkor tested, TOV Approved.


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