• Samsung S1050 10MP Digital Camera Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. Thanks to the folks at Samsung, we here at TOV were able to get are itchy, tech paws on one of their latest digicams, the S1050. Does it look great? Yes! Does it take great pics? Hell yea! Is it worth its price in gold? Oh yea and the Val-man will tell you why.

For starters the S1050 is a bit different than what we’re used to at TOV. Mostly we’ve been reviewing slim cams, this one looks more like a pro cam than just a point and click. I mean it’s still a point and click, but gives you that professional feel. Definitely get a case for this one. Plus it’s a heavy and a fatty to boot. It doesn’t have the touch option like the NV10, but the wheel at the top suffice. At the back you have your additional menu buttons and a whopping 3” LCD view screen. Talking betting the best shot you can possibly get? With a 3” display (and the fact that it’s mad sharp and very clear) you will not miss a beat.

Samsung S1050 10MP

Aesthetics aside, how the hell does the S1050 take pics? Amazingly well, I just had my hands on the Z-1050 from Casio and that was a bomb compared to the S1050 which is Da Bomb! I’m talking amazingly clear pics, so sharp you feel like you can reach in and smack the people inside. Plus you can pick out all kinds of background detail. I can recall the days when just your main objective was in focus and the background was just a big blurry mess. Now you have some serious deep focus going on as well as keeping your prime target sharp. The 5X zoom is another plus in my book as you can go quite the distance. So for you voyeurs out there, you might wanna pick this camera up. Plus with the ASR (Anti Shake Reduction) you will take great pics all of the time.

AAhhhhh but now comes the best part. The S1050 includes Intelligent Face Recognition technology. What this means is the camera will adjust accordingly to the subject of whom you’re taking the picture. This insures that you will always get the best picture always. And so far this has not proven me wrong.

With battery you have the option of two AA or you can get yourself a rechargeable set. I was about riff on this cam because it took double A’s and not the Lithium Ions. However Krush informed me that there are AA’s that can recharge and this cam can handle it, so I’m all in.

Samsung S1050 10MP

So my friends, does the Samsung S1050 pass Val-Cave testing? Yes and with flying colors. Great design and it takes great pics. Retail for the S1050 is about $299, but I’ve seen it on sale for about $199. Next to the Fuji F20, this is the best digicam I’ve laid my hands on thus far and it’s definitely worth the price. The Samsung S1050 gets a 5 in my book and it’s been Valkor tested and TOV approved.