• Samsung 470 Series MZ-5PA128/US 2.5" 128GB SATA II Internal Solid State Drive Review

It seems like every company that has anything to with computers these days has at least one SSD on the market. I'm not complaining mind do you. I think the more companies compete with each other for our money, the bigger chance of us, the consumers, being the winners. Which brings us to today's SSD sampling from Samsung, the MZ-5PA128 from their latest 470 series. As you might have guessed from the model name, this is the 128GB model. There are 3 models which are roughly the same but with varying capacities, a 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

According to my little press release guide, the specs for this drive is that it has a read speed of up to 250mb/s and a write speed of 220mb/s. That's the specs for the entire line, and if you add them up you get the series' name. It also has SATA 3.0gb/s connectivity.

Samsung 470 Series MZ-5PA128/US 2.5 128GB SATA II Internal Solid State Drive

Is it worth the money? Let's take a look and find out.

As I said earlier this drive has a read/ write speed of 250/220 mb/s, but as we all (should) know, manufacturers claims are a bit inflated when it comes to real world use and numbers. The numbers I was able to pull from this drive with Passmark's Performance 7.0 were as follows: 160.4mb/s read speed, 146.2mb/s write speed, and a random seek and rewrite speed of 37.9mb/s. Its overall score was a hearty 1246. These are really good numbers considering the price point of this drive. I ran this against our Intel SSD (link) and it was a massive improvement in the write speed with a 94% speed increase. The Intel drive clocked a 76mb/s for those that are interested. And compared to the mechanical hard drive that I was also testing, let's just say it the kind of difference that the Hulk showed in the beginning of World War Hulk.

Samsung 470 Series MZ-5PA128/US 2.5 128GB SATA II Internal Solid State Drive

Even with all these numbers being thrown around, how does this thing feel in the real world? Well I can attest to it being a good experience running it not only in my normal system, but also a test mini PC from Zotac. This is the same drive that I played Nail'd on and it ran smooth or as smooth as it could on my aging system. A full review of the Zotac ZBox AD02 is coming up, but under Windows 7 everything felt kind of normal for daily usage. The OS itself didn't feel too much snappier but transfers saw a large increase in speed. Also boot time and coming out of sleep were incredibly quick, but nothing that took my breath away or do a double take. I think I might have heard one too many legends of how fast SSD's are and was expecting some kind of mythical experience.

Samsung 470 Series MZ-5PA128/US 2.5 128GB SATA II Internal Solid State Drive

Overall, I was really pleased using this drive. The MSRP on it is 299.99, but I was finding it with a street price of around $250. If you're in the market for a new SSD, then you'll want to take a look at Samsung's 470 line. And with that, I give this drive 5 out of 5 on the TOV scale.