• Sandisk CES 2007 Preview

The company who I had for years called “Scandisk” made the CES rounds. A lot of what they were showing is more of what they had on hand as last year, but tossed into the mix were a few new items worth mentioning. First there’s the V-mate, the memory card video recorder. Don’t wanna miss your favorite shows because there simply isn’t time in your day and you don’t own a VCR, DVD-recorder, or TIVO? Then this baby marks the spot. Just plug in your memory card, attach the V-mate to your TV, set it for the shows you want to record and presto! Now you will never miss an episode of your favorite show. Damn where was this at the beginning of the new season for Smallville? Plus points for working with the PSP as well. Also from Sandisk is the Sansa View. This PMP does it all: movies, music, stills, and with the V-mate you can add TV shows to the mix. And it does it with a sleek 4” widescreen display. Last item worth mentioning and I give mad ups to, is the Sansa Express. This lil doodad looks like a jump-drive, but in actuality it’s a USB direct connect MP3 player. Just plug it in, load it with your favorite songs and take it with ya. To top it all off Sandisk was showing off a host of new media cards such as their new 4 gig memory card and also memory cards for the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3. Not too shabby and a nice line up all around.