Seagate Replica 250GB PC Back up System Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. The folks at Seagate have entered the Val-Cave arena once more, showing off their commitment in making data backup and storage simple, with a product that not only makes backing up your HDD (Hard Drive) easy, but damn fast. Photos, videos, music, plus your OS settings all can be done without you having to do a thing. Enter the Seagate Replica.

Seagate Replica 250GB PC Back up

The Replica is a slim unit external HDD that will fit atop your desktop without an intrusion, much like the FreeAgent Go. And similar to the go, the Replica can be transported with ease; yea it's a tad heavy compared to its brother, but when you pop it into any pouch, your messenger or backpack, it slips right in with no issues. The unit also comes with a USB to mini USB cable, plus recovery software (not installation software). Once you plug it in and complete the registration, the Replica will start to work reading your HDD and commencing the backup process… again without you having to do a thing.

Now if you want to be specific you can drag and drop any pertinent information, photos, documents, music, vids, programs, etc directly to the drive. And this is where the speed kicks in because I transferred a 3GB file in 3 minutes. I was expecting to drop the file onto the drive and walk away to make a sandwich, but as the transfer began I could see that wasn't gonna happen (at least not right away). Finally the Replica comes in two flavors – 250 or 500 GB drives, with an optional dock.

Seagate Replica 250GB PC Back up

So, how did the Replica survive in the Val-Cave?

The Bang:

Did I mention that you don't have to do anything and that it's damn fast? It's damn fast! And I'll take easy over complicated any day. The Replica takes the work out of backing up your data simply because its plug and play and you're good to go. And I'm all for the fast data transfer, which makes the drive a joy to use - I loaded up the drive in 30 minutes with a heapload of files (200gbs in total)! Normally for that amount It would take way longer! And the fact that I can take it with me with ease is a definite plus in my book.

Seagate Replica 250GB PC Back up

The Slack:

If your HDD isn't equal or lower to the amount of the Replica, it won't work. Let me rephrase that, it will work on the drag and drop, but if you have more than 250 or 500 GB HDD it will alert you that "There is not enough space to protect your data". So be sure to check your specs before you buy, to ensure you get the proper drive.

Seagate Replica 250GB PC Back up

Overall even with the small snag of the size of the drive, I still highly recommend Seagate's Replica Backup System (I have more than one laptop that needs protecting). Why? Four words: fast, easy, reliable, and travelworthy. The Replica is perfect for anyone looking to take the complications out of backing up. And out of TOV 5 stars, I give The Replica a 4.5 and it's been Valkor tested and TOV Approved!