• Text100 Sleigh Ride 2009 Tech Event

Hey folks Valkor here, just getting my bearings together after two days of tech events. The first was a smaller, more intimate event presented by Text100 which featured companies that I’ll cover: Sony, Fuji and Campus Games. I enjoyed my time; I mean good food, good drink and plenty of toys to play with. Sp without further ado lets talk gadgets.

Sony – On hand was the PSPgo. I got the chance to glimpse it briefly at E3 this year and it was my intention to get some serious hands on time. When I arrived at the Sony booth the Go was makin the rounds, which it eventually ended up in my hands. The first thing I wanted to check out were the controls, to see how with the closeness of the D-pad and analog stick would work, being that they are relatively close. To my surprise it functions well. 2nd was to see how the shoulders would work with the slide and again, not bad. I mean yea its close but it works and that’s the purpose. Games playable were Jax and Daxter and Rock Band. Sony was also showing off some regular PSP 3000 packs, one was Rock Band unplugged and the second was a violet Hannah Montana set. With some serious gameage on the horizon and the PSPgo, Sony looks to be the contender this year on the holiday front.

Fujifilm - Right on top of their table was this HUGE ASS camera! I thought it was a toy, but imagine my surprise that it was a full functional instant pic camera called the Instax 200. Here’s a camera that can serve as topic of discussion, or serves a function for say a child’s first camera, or as I was told on the show floor it can be used by Auto insurance agents, who need instant pics that cannot be altered. So who said instant pics are dead? Also on hand was the F200 EXR 12MP digicam, J250 10MP digicam that can also be used underwater (10 feet deep), and finally the S1500 10MP which impressed me the most because of the grip hold it has that makes it so you can take all kinds of funky shots with it without worry of slip and fall.

GamesCampus – This company was on hand showing off their online MMO goodies, mainly MLB Dugout Heroes. This is an official License MLB game so you get to control all the actual players and have access to their stats. Their onscreen personas are cute and almost anime-ish, but the animation is very fluid and gameplay seems quite easy. You get serious control with the stats, which I noted is perfect for Fantasy League players, who rather than use pen and paper, can get a visual presentation. In the game you collect Nuts, which is in game currency, to buy items that will enhance your players. You can also use real money to buy players and other enhancement to build up your team. The rep answered a huge question and that’s how does the system handle other players who will simply drop a game if they’re losing rather than play it through? Well they get a score that if it’s in the negatives you will know NOT to play with that particular player. TOV is getting set up for some online play so look for a full review of the game in the coming weeks.

There were other companies present and I apologize if you’re not mentioned here. But I went into the event with an agenda, which was met in spades. I got hands on with the PSPgo, hung out with the Fujifilm people and even checked out a hot new MMO that looks to be loads of fun. Here at TOV, we’ll do our best to get additional coverage of the products mentioned here, but for more tech check out my Pepcom report.